Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My Friend Elaine

I talked with my friend Elaine tonight on Instant Messenger. I inquired if she had viewed my blog yet. She replied that no she had not. I informed her that she would be the topic of my blog tonight. So there. If only I could think of something bad to say about her I would. She is just about as perfect a friend you could have. Someone you can count on in any situation. Just like my new computer I got for Christmas, I probably don't deserve her as a friend, BUT I'M GLAD I DO. Elaine, I hope that teaches you a lesson about not reading my blog! Okay, new paragraph. I have not been able to get my paragraph lesson from Linley yet. So just visualize a new paragraph! We picked up Lesley, Linley and Nathan today at the airport. Yes, we made complete fools of ourselves again with our viking, cow and moose hats. I even had one man come over to me and quietly ask me were we some type of performers. Maybe we can rent ourselves out! One couple asked us to yell Merry Christmas with them when their loved ones came through the revolving doors. Of course we did............why stop at just a little embarrassment and humiliation? After the last loved ones came, we took off for home. Since it is dark here at 4:00, we wanted them to be able to see where we lived in daylight. We just barely made it. Snow was still on the ground and it still looked pretty. We opened the next round of gifts, then cleaned up and started the feeding frenzy again. Lesley is studying, Jamie is sleeping, Chris and Linley and Nathan are cleaning out the dishwasher and putting everything away (YES!) And Julianne is getting her PJ's on. Dick just got back from the mill.....they had some problems tonight and Weezie is working on a Dingo. In case you don't know what a Dingo is, it is crack for dogs. I swear, Weezie goes berserk when you say "Dingo". Don't take my word for it, go get your four legged friend some and see for yourself! I am finishing up my slice of pumpkin roll that Linley brought us. (I am continuing that feeding frenzy.) I can't stop thinking about the peanut butter balls that Lesley brought us. Thank goodness these wonderful "girls" are such good cooks. You know that's the way to my heart don't you? That's about all that is happening in my part of the world. Later.......Tootles!


Anonymous said...

This about made me cry...If you only knew the real Elaine!!!

Remember the "Dingo ate the baby".

Anonymous said...

That was really sweet.....not based on truth, but sweet!!!

Fran said...

I speak only the truth!