Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Cold and Snowy Day

We have had a great Saturday. Everyone except Dick slept late. He and Jamie went to wash the car, pick up some groceries and get some donuts from Dunkin Donuts. They were the first two up and by the time they got back, everyone else was up. The donuts were devoured. Then it started to snow! And it has snowed and snowed and snowed! Everything is covered. After lunch, we went outside behind our house to the golf course and the kids sledded down the hill. Of course we don't have a sled, so they first used the top to the garbage can. Then they used the snow shovel, which actually worked pretty well. A laundry basket worked once or twice until it broke. Then we got some pans from the kitchen and zoom! They were off. It was so funny. They were going so fast. Jamie hit a rock and hurt his rear end. Afterwards, we came in, changed into dry clothes and had hot chocolate. Linley made snow cream. It was yummy! They are watching a movie and I am trying to decide what to do for dinner. I feel like I have just finished cleaning up from one meal when it is time to start another! Jamie and Lesley leave tomorrow. I will be sad to see them go. Please say a prayer for Jamie to find a job in Lexington. I think we will all feel better once that happens. That about wraps it up for now.............Tootles!

Friday, December 29, 2006

TGIF Part 2

We had a big trip to Freeport today. Of course, lots of other people had big trips to Freeport today also! LL Bean was a happening place. We didn't buy much, but they had some good sales going on and also have all their sale stuff online. So if you need anything from LL Bean, get on your computer! Today in our part of the world, the high temperature was 27. After walking up and down the street shopping, I decided that a cup of coffee would be just the thing I needed. So I went into Starbucks. Well, Starbucks was the number two busiest place in Freeport. The building is not that big to begin with and I am sure if the fire marshal had any inkling how many people were in there he would have shut them down! I couldn't wait to get out of there. Instead of coffee, I ordered caramel apple cider. Perty good! Thanks to Linley's daddy "Catfish", we had boston butt for dinner. Yum Yum! A good dinner was had by all. Then we played "Hoopla". It is a game that Lesley brought. It was alot of fun and just verified something that I have feared all along............our family is challenged when it comes to playing games. Duh. I did have a nice surprise today.........Mary Ann called me......not really to talk to me but to get information about the wedding and stuff like that. But I will take what I can get and I loved hearing from her. She said her momma took her to the Cosco (?) for lunch and they were good and full and it didn't cost a thing! Sounds like some of my lunch dates with Dick when he told me he would take me somewhere "real nice". I guess that about sums up the to you tomorrow...............Tootles!


No post yesterday due to a ski trip. I was exhausted when we got home. No I didn't ski. It looks so easy. I wish I could. Dick and I stayed in the lodge and read and listened to our Ipods. It started snowing on the way to the ski slope. The snow was coming down hard while we we walked to the lodge. It was funny watching the kids get their ski's and boots. Nathan was the only one who had never skied before. He was a natural! They all had a good time and only had a few wipe outs. I started and finished my Stuart Woods book. (Don't be jealous!) I just love his writing and it was a good one. The ride home was very quiet despite an occasional snore. Lesley had put the casseroles in the oven and dinner was just about ready when we arrived. The kids watched a movie after dinner and Dick and I went upstairs to watch TV. I was asleep around 7. That skiing just wears me out! Today, we are going to LL Bean and do a little shopping in Freeport. That's about it for now........Tootles.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Full House

We have a full house! We all slept till 9, with the exception of Dick. Sorry darlin. He poo poo'd about having to go back to work today, but I think he secretly wanted to go. It only took us 3 hours to get all our baths. It is constantly eating and drinking. And lots of cleaning up. Am I complaining...? Now you know me...........I love having them here. We went to go on a tour of the mill this afternoon and then went out to eat. We are back home now and it is snack time again. I told eat eat! Tomorrow, we are going skiing. Hey! I hear all of you snickering about me skiing...........I am not skiing..........and thankfully Dick has admitted that he doesn't think he should ski because of his knees. Lesley is staying at the house babysitting Weezie. And studying. Mainly studying. And watching Weezie sleep. Dick and I will stay in the lodge while the others ski. I have the new Stuart Woods book and my Soduko book. I am taking my computer in case they have wireless there. I will be giving a live update from the ski slopes! I guess it has been a slow day, and I appreciate it. Until tomorrow...........Tootles!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My Friend Elaine

I talked with my friend Elaine tonight on Instant Messenger. I inquired if she had viewed my blog yet. She replied that no she had not. I informed her that she would be the topic of my blog tonight. So there. If only I could think of something bad to say about her I would. She is just about as perfect a friend you could have. Someone you can count on in any situation. Just like my new computer I got for Christmas, I probably don't deserve her as a friend, BUT I'M GLAD I DO. Elaine, I hope that teaches you a lesson about not reading my blog! Okay, new paragraph. I have not been able to get my paragraph lesson from Linley yet. So just visualize a new paragraph! We picked up Lesley, Linley and Nathan today at the airport. Yes, we made complete fools of ourselves again with our viking, cow and moose hats. I even had one man come over to me and quietly ask me were we some type of performers. Maybe we can rent ourselves out! One couple asked us to yell Merry Christmas with them when their loved ones came through the revolving doors. Of course we did............why stop at just a little embarrassment and humiliation? After the last loved ones came, we took off for home. Since it is dark here at 4:00, we wanted them to be able to see where we lived in daylight. We just barely made it. Snow was still on the ground and it still looked pretty. We opened the next round of gifts, then cleaned up and started the feeding frenzy again. Lesley is studying, Jamie is sleeping, Chris and Linley and Nathan are cleaning out the dishwasher and putting everything away (YES!) And Julianne is getting her PJ's on. Dick just got back from the mill.....they had some problems tonight and Weezie is working on a Dingo. In case you don't know what a Dingo is, it is crack for dogs. I swear, Weezie goes berserk when you say "Dingo". Don't take my word for it, go get your four legged friend some and see for yourself! I am finishing up my slice of pumpkin roll that Linley brought us. (I am continuing that feeding frenzy.) I can't stop thinking about the peanut butter balls that Lesley brought us. Thank goodness these wonderful "girls" are such good cooks. You know that's the way to my heart don't you? That's about all that is happening in my part of the world. Later.......Tootles!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!!

Dick woke me up to "look outside". We have snow! Everything is white. I haven't gotten the "kiddies" up yet.........gotta have one more cup of coffee first. Hopefully there will still be some snow around when we get back from the airport so those southerners will get to see some white. Until later............Tootles.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Only 365 More Shopping Days...

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. The kids told us last night to " please let them sleep late" like it was us that used to get them up at 5 in the morning to open presents. Well, they started getting up at 7. We had a good time opening gifts. Chris got a surprise present......a new rain coat......a black trash bag with a hole cut out for his head! Dick took the two guys to the GA TECH game in Jacksonville Dec. 2. It was raining and Dick and Jamie had rain coats. Chris did not, so he went in search of a rain poncho to purchase. Evidently, everyone in the stadium had the same idea. With none to be found, he talked a vendor into giving him a black trash bag. Santa always knows what to bring doesn't he? Dick and I had both forgotten about it and Chris thought it was hilarious. Who would have ever thought a black trash bag would bring so much laughter? The guys fried a turkey and it was delish! We ate dinner around 5 and could hardly clean up. We were all tired. My man, that sweet thang, bought me a new computer for Christmas! Did I deserve a new computer? Probably not......... BUT I LOVE IT!! When I opened the package, everyone came over to me and I just couldn't believe it! I pulled the computer out and just thanked him and kissed him (yes I did!). The kids started telling me that Dick had gotten a refurbished model and that he got a great deal and I am not even caring cause I have me a new computer...........I open it and it looks so nice, but there is some dust on it, but hey, it is gonna get some dust on it around here! Well, they all die laughing...........the computer I pulled out of the box was Jamie's computer that he got when he went to went to Jesus years and years ago and we have held onto it (no idea why!) and moved it from state to state to state. Anyway, they went and got my REAL new computer and I just love it too! I even gave Dick-Dick another couple of kisses. Tomorrow, we go to the airport to pick up Lesley and Linley and Nathan. Everyone is so excited to see their boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, etc. I am excited because Linley emailed me to tell me that she knows how to make paragraphs and so hopefully, tomorrows post will have paragraphs and maybe even pictures. We have some good pictures to share. Until tomorrow......Tootles!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Eve!

I took a huge step today! I told my daughter about my blog. I had been harboring this "secret" trying to decide when (and IF!) I would let anyone know. I was not even sure I would continue it. But I love reading others blogs so much that I am thrilled that she was excited about it. So here goes! Jamie, Chris and Julianne are here for Christmas. This morning, Dick woke the guys up early (HORRORS!) and they drove up to the mountains. It was snowing when they got to some waterfalls that he wanted to show them. The wind was blowing as it only does in Maine and was cold. Since I have been on "the tour" many many times, I was pardoned from the trip. Jules had a migraine (How convenient!) so she also was pardoned. I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped presents. I was surprised that it took so long because up till the time we went to purchase all these presents at L. L. Bean, I was under the impression that I was pretty much finished with my shopping. The boys came in around 2 and went straight to the refrigerator to continue our feeding frenzy. We have had massive amounts of good stuff to eat around here thanks to the Lancaster's, the Howard's, the Benson's, the McFaddin's, and the Johnson's. I almost can't wait till after the last batch of children go back to school so I can start dieting. I feel awful. Like a slug..........just disgusting. I envy fellow bloggers who report that they are still watching what they eat during these Olympic eating holidays. But back to wrapping presents.......Dick comes in the den tonight about 9:30 wanting to know if I had any gift bags left. Of course I didn't. I had resorted to wrapping presents in an empty Kentucky Bourbon candy box. Something is going to smell good! So somewhere he found a bag and used newspaper to wrap up my present and put it under the tree sealed with mailing tape! I am married to a true romantic! This is the point where I would start a new paragraph if I knew how on this blogging contraption. So forgive me. I will have to continue on this one. I wish all my friends a very Merry Christmas! May the true meaning of Christmas comfort us (you know who you are) and give us hope for the coming year. I love you all. And to my family, I love you all and wish we could all be together at this time. Maybe next year........Tootles!