Sunday, September 9, 2007

Greetings from Maine......And how was your weekend? We had a good one even though it seemed to fly by. Friday night, we went to the restaurant at the country club and had dinner with a couple from our neighborhood. Kelly and Paul and their daughter Carly joined us. Kelly and Paul owned the house that burned. I wrote about that a few months ago. They have been living in the house that Dick's company owns. They are rebuilding on the same site and the new house is beautiful. It is about 5 weeks till move in and they can't wait.

Saturday, Dick and Julianne mowed the yard. I was given a day off from the yard duties. Of course I had to wash clothes, but that seems to be a daily thing. Then Dick and I drove over to Boothbay Harbor. Another beautiful place in Maine! We decided that we want to go back for a weekend.

Todays temperature only got to 58 degrees. I love it. We got lots of rain also and we desparately needed it. Tomorrows temperature is supposed to be about the same. I also see alot more leaves changing colors. Looks like Fall is knocking at the door and turning the knob!

So what's up with you? Let me know!

I will talk to you later....Tootles!


Jackson said...

58 degrees. Now thats just not fair. I'd love to see what it all looks like. You should have a gallery of the pictures once the leaves start to change.

LinleyShea said...

I agree with Jackson!

Also, wanted to let you know I got your email about the holiday season and trips to Maine. I will (hopefully) be geting to you by tonight about dates and yes/no on Turkey day!

And, when are you going to be on the Today Show??? I need to pencil that into my date-book!

Love you