Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Good Stuff.....

I thought this white dish was pretty with the flowers in the vase! I can either hang it on the wall or use a plate stand. 79 cents

I liked this plate because of the color. I plan to hang it in the hall bath upstairs. $1.99

Another white plate with flowers. I might use with other similar dishes. 59 cents

I love this little white pedestal dish. I have some blue and white bunnies on it right now. I can decorate it with ribbon weaving it in and out of the cut outs on the edge. $2.99

I love this white divided dish. The design is pretty and the rim is dotted. It will go with everything! $2.99

This little dish has lily of the valley on it along with gold. I thought it was a pretty and unique dish. 99 cents

This is a hammered aluminum tray. It is small and has pomegranates on it! $1.99

Aren't these wine baskets cute? I love the berries around the top. $1.99 each

That's all for me now. Talk to you later......Tootles!


Yvonne said...

You find the cutest stuff!!!! I'm going shopping with you!

LinleyShea said...

you are the Goodwill master - and you inspire me to go find my local Goodwill.............. which I plan to do very soon.

Jackson said...

Dang Frannie, you decorating diva you! I'm impressed. I'd get inspired to go to goodwill myself except I've already got enough stuff (and stuff unpacked) to fill 3 entire goodwill stores. And by "I" - I mean Lesley.