Thursday, September 6, 2007

More Blog Recommendations

I am just a wealth of information. Just ask me. If you have not gone to "A Jackson Thing" then you must right this minute. Jamie is hilarious.

I have also added a new favorite. "Southern Hospitality" is written by Rhoda and she lives in Birmingham, having moved there from Atlanta. I love her decorating style and would love for her to come and decorate my house. I think all you girls out there will enjoy it. Be sure and go back through her archives to see all the pictures of her house. And she likes yard sales. Many of the things she decorates with comes from them. Take a won't be sorry. I am hooked!

Another blog I recommend is Muffin53. She calls herself "Empress Bee of the High Seas" because she LOVES going on cruises! She is funny and sweet. And she has an important message for all her readers. She went for her yearly mammogram. It happened to be only 11 months, and they had planned a cruise and wouldn't be there at the 12 month mark. Insurance only covers a mammogram every 12 months. Instead of postponing it, they decided to go ahead and do it and pay themselves. Well folks, she found out she had breast cancer. It was caught in the early stages. It had not spread and she will only require a weeks worth of treatments. Let's all learn a lesson from this. Go have your mammogram. Do it every year. Do not postpone it. I had been delaying mine and the day she posted the results, I called and had it done two days later. Go check out her blog, Muffin53.

Linley also has a blog which I have talked about many times. Under Frannycakes Recommended Blogs it is listed as "A New Year". Don't be alarmed when you get there and it has a different name. She has retitled it "A Lady Downtown" because, you know, she is a lady and she does live downtown! She has posted pictures from their last trip up here.

Yvonne is my blog friend from the Chicago area. She is a proud momma and wife and talks about her life. I know I have told you about her blog before, but just in case you haven't visited lately, go! Her blog is "Uniquely Me" and is also linked at the right.

I have many blogs I read every day, so if you are interest, I can recommend others! I guess that is about all for now...........



Yvonne said...

Woo Hoo!!! Thanks for the shout out!!!

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