Monday, September 17, 2007

I decided I needed to post on my blog so I wouldn't lose all my loyal readers who are left. I must warn you that I will probably be posting more as the holidays approach since there will be more activity in my little part of the world. I know, I know. You are probably thinking I am just teasing you with the promise of lots of new posting, but think back to last year when I started this fabulously entertaining well written thing called a blog. Plus, it will be getting COLD soon and there will be nothing else to do but blog. Okay? Isn't that what you really wanted to hear?

Frannycakes was a busy bee this weekend. Since the temperatures are dropping around here, I have been in a cooking mood. So Saturday afternoon, Tricky and I went to town to pick up some supplies. We got a new fall flag for the side porch. You know us, always festive. He got a new belt and windshield wipers for his truck. No....not from the same store.....Pep Boys does not sell belts for pants silly..... Then we went to my favorite overpriced grocery store. I love that place but feel guilty shopping there unless I happen to get some of their buy one get one free deals so I feel like I am coming out even with the cheaper grocery stores. Anyway....I just had a few things since I was just freezing a few dishes. Tricky decided to stay in the truck and listen to the football games while I ran in and 30 minutes later he came in looking for me and wondering what was taking me so long. He helped me by pushing the cart and in the process becoming separated and so I was wandering around with and arm full of groceries looking for him on one side of the store while he was on the other side looking for me. We finally checked out and headed home. I immediately started making chili to freeze. Then I started the soup that we all loved from last winter. The name of the recipe is "Vermont Ski Lodge Soup" and it is delish. It makes enough to serve 20 so I was able to freeze a bunch of individual serving bags so as to not waste even a little bit. Tricky had a bowl and gave it his sign of approval. Good enough for me! Sunday, I started a pot of red chicken stew. Yum Yum Yum. The family had a bowl for dinner and I froze the rest (which was a lot!) in, you guessed it, individual serving sized bags. I will probably make another pot of Red Chicken Stew to freeze so we will have some extra just in case. Just in case of what, you ask? Just in case one of you come up to see me.......

Julianne went hiking this past weekend with the son of someone that works with Tricky. (I decided to call him Tricky today!) He is a senior at the University of Maine. She had a great time and was exhausted when she got home.

Did I mention that it was 44 degrees outside when I got up this morning? I have on my white zip up sweatshirt jacket over my sexy flannel pjs. Virginia? Are you reading? I am copying you. Virginia has the can I describe this.....HIDEOUS while pull over white (questionable) sweatshirt that obviously gives her comfort. And we all know that when you can get comfort from something, you need to hang on to it. Well, in most cases we should hang on to it but in Virginia's white sweatshirt I am not sure. After a few more washings, it may not be an issue as there is quite a bit of fraying. Maybe Santa Claus will come through for her this year. You hear that Virginia? You better watch out, you better not pout, you better not cry, I'm telling you why........YOU NEED A NEW SWEATSHIRT!!!!!! You are welcome!

Dick, I mean Tricky, has an important meeting this weekend up at a lake here in the great state of Maine. I felt sorry for him while he was loading his truck with fishing rods and reels and fishing "stuff". Julianne and I are bacheloretting it and it will be a toss up who has a more relaxing time!

I guess I need to go and be productive. Okay.....I just need to go.

Oh! Most of you who read this are parents and you know how it is every now and then that you feel like you succeeded in trying to raise your kids right? Well, today when I checked out "A Jackson Thing" I had that feeling. Go on over......And if you don't think that the words "Dingle" and "Berry" aren't funny, then I need to have a talk with your parents!



Jackson said...

I understand about getting lost in the grocery store. Its almost always bound to happen since I can pay attention to save my life.

Man you make alot of Chili & Soups. Les and i need to do this. Are you preparing bulk size?

You need to talk to Lesley's parents because she didn't think it was funny. You can do that in a week!

Yvonne said...

Ok - lets swap soup recipes! I'll take the Ski Lodge soup if you want the Upstate Minestrone Soup! I made it this weekend, too - when it was cold. Today it is 90.....sigh. We, too, froze some chili!!! Hey, lost twin - have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Youmust post the recipe for ski lodge soup!