Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday. Why? BECAUSE IT INVOLVES CANDY!!!!! That should have been an easy one for all of you faithful readers! Candy is my favorite food group. I could eat sweets and never ever want any other type of food. I promise!

Many people think that I had three children because I wanted to produce a mixture of me and my husband and have someone to love and love us and enjoy every minute of our lives. Of course, those of you who know me really well know this is not true. I produced them so I could have THREE big bags of candy to pick through and chow down on. THREE!!!! My children were happy to just go around the block to trick-or-treat. Going around the block did not produce enough candy for any self respecting candy addicted mother. NOOOOOOOOOO! Every year I had to hear whining about how they were tired and how they wanted to go home. This was like winning the lottery for me! No way I was going home. Suck it up!

One of my favorite memories was back in 1987. Julianne was just a month old. Grandma was visiting us and was happily keeping Julianne while I tended to the Trick-or-Treaters. I think Dick must have been working, because I don't even remember him being around. When we finally came home, the kids dumped their candy out on the den carpet. They had been eating their candy loot all night long, so they were pretty nauseous by then. As soon as the candy hit the floor, Grandma and I did too! We proceeded to pick out everything we liked and guard it. We were like two buzzards over some fresh road kill! I realized that night that Grandma and I were truly kindred spirits.

Tonight, I will have no children to take trick or treating. I will have no bags to dump on the floor and ravage. I will not have to get on the scales tomorrow and weigh 10 lbs. heavier, even though it was worth it! Tonight, I will be missing my sweet children being young and carefree. I will be missing the excitement Halloween brings, in the children and in the grandmother and grandaughter eating candy on the floor.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Yvonne said...

And here I thought I was the only adult candy addict! This is the first tme in 27 years that I do not have a Trick or Treater in the hoo!

A Jackson Thing said...

Momma you may be the funniest woman alive. I miss those times too. Only I didnt realize you took so much. I'm going to have to tell everyone about the cowtails story.

Nancy in Florida said...

As the parent of one child, I obviously did not get the memo that you needed three children in order to get enough Halloween candy for yourself. But I do remember pouring all of our unsuspecting child's "loot" on the floor in the den and my husband and I sorting through the goodies. Our personal favorites were snickers, butter fingers and baby ruths.
Unfortunately as she grew up, our baby had wised up. We never got first dibs on the loot after that.

Halloween is still a magical time of year, and today the tradition goes on. Kids are in school, and moms are at home going through the bags, looking for "the good stuff"

Happy Day after Halloweeen.

Nancy in Florida

JEJ said...

i do remember you telling us which ones were you favorites and how jamie, chris, and i would be so excited to please you with a handful of the candy in the orange wrappers (reese's cups!!!). it's one of my favorite memories!

Anonymous said...

I finally had a minute to catch up on your blog. Your memory of that halloween with grandma was one of her favorites too. The retelling of the that special memory brings a smile to my heart.

Hope you were able to find a few of your favorite candies even though your kids have outgrown trick or treating.

Love you, MOM