Monday, October 1, 2007

We had a wonderful time in Lexington! This visit was so different from our visit back in July. We were able to relax and enjoy being with Jamie and Lesley. And our new grandbaby, Grace Darling. Did you not know that I have a new grandbaby? Well, I do! She weighs 1 pound and has white fur and is full of energy! You really must go to Jamie's blog and read about their new family member. She is so playful and into everything. I have never seen such a teeny tiny puppy go so fast up stairs! And she would head in that direction in a heartbeat. She really is sweet!

Jamie and Lesley's townhouse is so cute. Lesley has added a much needed feminine touch to it. They are a busy couple. School keeps her busy and work keeps him busy. Things seem to be going really well!

We had dinner over at Lesley's parents house Friday night. John is a great cook! He cooked the entire meal and it was delicious! They are great hosts.

Lesley's brother John came back from Iraq on Sunday. We are all thankful he is home. Originally, he was supposed to come in Friday and we were going to be able to attend the homecoming. But as things progressed, it was Sunday after we left that he arrived. Now if everyone could be back home with their families.

Saturday night, Jamie, Lesley, Dick and I travelled to Mason, OH to Merwin and Shirley Moores' sons wedding. It was beautiful and the bride and groom looked very happy. We had a wonderful time visiting with old friends. Lesley introduced her new mother-in-law to some tasty new drinks. We thoroughly enjoyed the open bar! Unfortunately, we had to leave early because we had an almost 2 hour drive back to Lexington and had to get up early to drive to Louisville for our flight back to Maine.

Dick and I cut the grass once we got back home. I had attempted to cut it last Wednesday. I was about halfway finished when a crazy rain store blew up. The wind was blowing hard and it was pouring. It never did ease up, so I was not able to finish it before leaving for Lexington. We had asked Julianne to cut the back but she swore she was not able to make it work.

I have been washing clothes all day. My parentals are coming on Thursday! I can't wait. Wednesday we have meetings in Orono at the main campus of the University of Maine until 11 AM. Then I will go into a complete panic about cleaning the house and having it ready. Just kidding Mom and Dad! No really, but don't worry about it. I need to feel that panic everynow and then to do any good cleaning!

I hear the buzzer on the dryer so I guess I need to go and fold me so clothes!

I will talk to you later.....Tootles!

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