Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nothing much happening here in my part of the world. The temperature outside is supposed to get up to 50 and the winds are 20 to 30 mph. And up here on our hill, I think it will be a little stronger and a little cooler. Julianne is flying back to Maine today. We will pick her up this afternoon. Dick is getting ready and then we will head to Portland to do a little bit of looking around and lunch and then pick her up.

Yesterday we ended up not doing very much. We went to an antiques shop here in Turner. Then we headed to Auburn to the Wally World and Lowes. Dick dropped me off at TJ Maxx and he stayed in the car while I looked around. I knew I couldn't stay for long, so I did the mad gotta look at everything very very quickly shopping. I started out at the shoes. I bypassed the purses because I have enough and I had just picked me up a new one at my favorite boutique, Goodwill. I need to take some new pictures of my stuff. But back to the shoes.......I have been wanting a pair of boots. I saw a pair at DSW last week that were black suede. They went to just above the ankle. They were gorgeous and looked wonderful on my feet. I really wanted them, but they were $79 and were really dressy and they were black suede. In the South that wouldn't have mattered, but here I wouldn't be able to wear them as much and I really don't get dressed up here many times. So, I decided to keep thinking about it.....and hoping I would find a pair that I liked with a price tag I liked at TJ Maxx. I immediately zeroed in on a pair of brown leather ankle style boots, with a manageable heel. I loved them! And the price was $34.99! So I bought them as a present for myself for Dick's birthday. Sounds reasonable to me....what do you think?

After shopping, we came home and watched sports, sports, sports and then went to bed and watched some more sports, sports, sports. The Red Socks got me scared last night. I can't believe that I am actually cheering on the Red Socks. I am a Braves fan even though they do nothing but let me down. Of course this would matter a whole lot more if I were actually a sports fan, which I am not. If you are planning to watch game 4 of the World Series tonight, look for John and Jeb Benson! They will be there tonight and I am sure they will have lots of stories to tell us about their adventure.

I guess I have to go. Dick is downstairs and has taken Weezie outside. Of course he had to wake her up first.


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