Sunday, October 21, 2007

It Fell Down And Went BOOM!

Frannycakes is perfectly happy to sit around and relax and be lazy on weekends. You all know that! I can hear some of my smarty pants friends asking what is different from the week days? A lot of things, just too many to list on this blog. Besides, if I told you, I would have to kill you! Anywho...........Dick is NOT like me. He has to be doing something every minute he is awake. So yesterday he decided to take the window air conditioners out of the windows and store them in the basement until next summer. We have 4 units. Three of them are upstairs in the bedrooms. We bought a new one for the spare bedroom this year. While he was taking the AC units out, I was outside pulling up pepper plants from my garden. I went inside because I heard the washing machine beeping for me to come and get the clean clothes out. Just as I walked inside, I heard Dick yelling, and I do believe there were some "special" descriptive words used. Then I heard a boom! I turned around, walked back outside and looked under the guest room window. Sure enough, there lay the new AC unit! It fell down and went boom. I turned around and went to load the dryer. I heard Dick come downstairs, go outside and open the back of his truck. I waited till he came back inside and let him tell me. He actually thought it was kid of funny because he had someone tell him at work that they had done this same thing and Dick had made fun of him. I guess that will teach him! He had already made on trip to the dump, so he had to make another.

The three of us went to see "Rendition" at the movie last night. It was good but intense. It took a while to put things together. But we thought all in all it was good. Not a particular feel good movie if that is what you want though. We left there and ate at Margaritas, which is a mexican restaurant that we like. We ended up eating in the bar, which was loud, but it was delish!

I guess I need to get up and try to look like I am busy. Dick is just now getting his shower (It is 11 AM!) because he has been working on his 'puter all morning.

I will talk to you later! Tootles!

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Yvonne said...

Oh my gosh we did that once! Before we had central air, we had one in our 3rd floor (it's really the 2nd floor, as it's a tri-level, and the 2nd level is only like 1/2 way up off the first....anyhoo, it fell out onto the driveway - smithereens it was!!!