Saturday, December 1, 2007

Baby It's Cold Out There!!!!

Winter has arrived! The temperature at this very minute is 12 degrees. Yes, you read that right. 12 degrees. My friends and family who are reading this are just shaking their heads. We are supposed to start getting snow Sunday night. Dick changed his plane ticket so he would get home a little earlier tomorrow. You never know how this kind of weather will affect the airlines and we don't want to take any chances.

I have had a wonderful day. I got up around 7. The wind was blowing so hard it sounded like the siding on the house was blowing off. I am not even exagerating! I got up, got my coffee and vegged in front of the TV and 'puter. Sometime during the morning, still in my pj's, I decided to go upstairs and finish wrapping the gifts that I had gotten. Around 4, I made my way back down. I have all the presents wrapped. Not all are purchased, so if you want a present and you usually get one you had better tell me what to get you! Got it? Cause I know two boys that have next to nothing under the tree. Christmas is going to be so sad for you!

Julianne and I watched a Christmas movie. We are still in our pj's. I did just get finished with a shower and have returned downstairs with pj's back on. You know it is a good day when you stay in your pj's!

Can't think of anything else that is happening....just wanted to let you know that winter has arrived at the Jackson house!



emmapeelDallas said...

That sounds like an IDEAL day! I'm ready for a day like that!



Anonymous said...

well, I finally STARTED decorating...think it will take me awhile. I decorate for a while and then rest my eye for a while. But it will get done eventually. Hopefully I can get out and start shopping this week! I am getting kind of NERVOUS! I do not like the unexpected!

Katie said...

hello there. i have a white 1418 sewing machine. i bought it because it was the cheapest one. i do love it, but it is very bassic. i was not sure if i was going to beable to do it or not.
i am excited about the snow!