Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hey yall! It is cold up here in Maine. Snow has been coming down since early this morning. Dick plowed the driveway around 1:00 and had to do it again around 6:00. For the past couple of hours, the snow has turned to sleet. We don't like the sleet. Keep snowing, if you must. The temperature has actually risen to 18 degrees from the single digits where it was for most of the day.

Friday night, we went to see the Boston Symphony performing their holiday concert. It was very good. They were performing at the Augusta Civic Center. We went to Panera Bread to eat beforehand. I wish that particular Panera was as good as the one in Portland. For the second time in a week, they forgot to put the chicken on Julianne's salad. Not really a big deal, but somebody back there is not paying attention. I got the grilled chicken salad with apple chips and pecans. Friday, I had 5 pecan halves on it. On Monday, I had to ask for just a few more apple chips. It only had 3 on it and 2 were crushed. But it was a nice night.

Saturday, I made my menu's out for the holidays. I made a list, then rearranged it according to the area. That saved so much time! And I would have probably been out of there in less than 45 minutes if there had not been a million people in the grocery store also. I think it probably look 2 hours. But I have most everything I need, except for some fresh veg's I will get later in the week.

Chris flies in on Wednesday and Jamie and Lesley fly in on Friday night. Grace Darling will be making her first flight! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate. I can't wait to see them all.

Julianne has a final tomorrow at 10. I hope the class is rescheduled because I am not sure I want her driving to Augusta that early. Surely it will be....Surely.

Monday I will be making cookies, brownies, candy and zucchini bread. I might even be excited about it tomorrow. Maybe..... Saturday night I put two casseroles in the freezer. Maybe I can whip up something up something else to freeze. I just love to freeze stuff!

I guess I better go......I will talk to you later! Tootles!


Mary said...

Did you get a lot of snow and sleet? We just got about 2" of snow and a whole lot of sleet here in NJ. The supermarket was crazy on Saturday -- a combination of holiday shoppers and those who needed to get something to have in the house before the storm hit. Sounds like you have a full day of baking -- enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered that B
ojangles sells fried turkeys....I ordered one and will cook the other one. Well, when you have 28 takes alot to feed them! It will be fun!

JEJ said...

i bet a bojangles fried turkey is the most amazing thing on earth.

my class wasn't cancelled, and the roads were better than last week when you drove... and i made an A.

JEJ said...

i love how you talked more about the salad than the pops concert!

Katie said...

oh yummy, all that stuff sounds so goo. have you ever tried chocolate zucchini cake? i have the recipe on my blog under it so good, you have tot ry it sometime!