Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snowy Day II

Just when I thought Blogger was a nice thing again it is refusing to let me download pictures again. I have some new snow pictures and I will continue to try and post them throughout the day. Curse you Blogger!!!!!

It is still snowing outside and the forecast for today is for snow. Julianne had class today, so she has already left for that. The roads are plowed so she shouldn't have any problem. Dick used the snow blower when he got home last night. He did the driveway and patio in the front. Then he plowed a walk way out back for Weezie and shoveled the back porch again. That was three times it got shoveled! And I need to do it again. Weezie actually went out this morning, walked in the yard where did plowed for her and came back on the porch and did her business. That's my girl! Two treats for you!!!!

No new news for now.....I will try the pictures a little bit later. Tootles!


A Jackson Thing said...

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas"!

Katie said...

well hello there! yes, i will have the jewelry there too. the fair is at bowdoin college, in brunswick maine from 10-5. there will be signs to it i am sure, i am not sure where it is on campus, but the campus is really small, you will have no problem finding it. i can't wait to meet you guys!

Katie said...

hello...just realized i did not tell you the date...hello katie! it is tomorrow..sorry