Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wednesday's Post According to Frannycakes Rules

Hey yall! I realize that this post will be dated for Thursday, but I started it on Wednesday. Does that count for a post a day? Of course it does in the Frannycakes rule book and of course we play by Frannycakes rules when it comes to her blog. So there. It counts!

My man is home. Dog tired but home. Already in bed and sawing some logs.

Today I wrapped and wrapped. I finished wrapping everything that was left to do. Then I packed up some boxes to mail tomorrow. I got together my addresses for the the things that will go Fed Ex and put address labels on the things that go snail mail. I finally finished around 8 tonight. I have gone over the "master list", you know the list....the one where you have everyone listed and you make sure everyone has a gift and that all the "children have about the same amount. Yeah, that one. I still need some things for Chris. Help me Bo Bo! I need some suggestions from you.

Maine sure is pretty. We got another couple of inches of snow last night. Today it got above freezing for a few hours. It was just long enough so that now we have ice on the back porch. Great.

I guess I better go on to to you later! Tootles!

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Yvonne said...

I found a way around that Post dating thing - go to the bottom to I think it's options - and change the don't really think I remember to post everyday - do you??? Hee hee! (Oh - and way to go on the 41 pound weight loss!!!)