Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hey Yall! It is so hard to believe that Christmas is over. It seemed to take so long to get here, then it was over before we knew it! Jamie and Lesley flew into Manchester on the 21st. Their flight came in on time, but they had to wait at least 30 minutes to get one of the two gates that US Air has at the Manchester Airport. It seemed a little bit ridiculous to me. We got home around 3 am. Everyone slept in. Saturday was Jamie's 26th birthday! That is hard to believe! Twenty six years ago he came into our lives after a fun, relaxing 16 hour labor. We carried him home on Christmas day. He was definitely one of the best Christmas presents we have ever received. Saturday night we took him out to dinner. Afterwards we went home and opened birthday presents. Happy Birthday Jamie! I love you!

Sunday, Dick got the group up at 5:30. He had made reservations for them to go ride snow mobiles. They drove up to Rangeley to pick up the snow mobiles at 8 am. They had a wonderful time! I stayed home to run to the grocery store and take care of a few loose ends. Dick had requested Shrimp and Grits for dinner. My mom has the most delicious recipe for it, so after shopping I came home and started dinner. When they got home, they showered and took a short nap. Then they were ready to eat.

Since Jamie and Lesley had to leave early on Christmas Day, we decided to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. So Sunday night I put out the packages after everyone went to bed. I had planned to put all the presents under the tree as I wrapped them, but when Julianne realized what I was doing, she got upset and didn't want me to do that. She wanted to be surprised by the presents. I thought by the time you were 20 you didn't do that any more. Evidently not. So we put them out as usual. Some piles were bigger than others because some people would not give me a list or even an idea of what they wanted for Christmas. I hope that getting some money helped that uneven situation. We put things away after all the presents were opened and rested a while. Then they got up and headed outside to sled down the hill behind our house. Jamie and Lesley worked on a track and had them going airborn! The pictures speak for themselves.

We had our Christmas dinner that night and played "Apples to Apples" and had a great time. We were all tired and everyone went to bed pretty early. Sunday, Dick and I drove them to the airport. We got there in time to get some lunch from the McDonalds. I have never had McDonalds for Christmas lunch before. I was sad to see them go. We really enjoyed their visit.

"Grace Darling" is my new grandbaby! She came to see us for the first time. Having a puppy around is exhausting! This little girl had lots of energy and kept us on our toes. She loved Christmas ornaments! As a matter of fact, she loved them so much she ate some! I would see this white streak run by and she would have Santa Claus in her mouth heading for a private place to devour him! She loves to cuddle and being that I love to cuddled, we were made for each other. I have missed her since she left. Weezie, on the other hand, was near a nervous breakdown. She is somewhat relieved.

I am trying out a new way to post my photos, so bear with me. Hopefully this will be easier than it has been in the past. Hopefully.

I will talk to you later! Tootles!


Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like your Christmas was perfect. Just we could have been there. We love you all so very much.


Nancy in Florida said...

Thank you for the photo album of your Christmas. The snow mobile outing looks like a travel log. There is so much snow and it is so beautiful.

We hope the rest of your holiday is just as wonderful, and your new year is terrific.

Nancy in Florida