Sunday, December 2, 2007

Let it Snow!

In the words of Jed Clampit, "Weeeee Doggy!" We have been waiting for the past few days for a forecasted winter storm. Up until now, we were supposed to get 12 to 14 inches. Now they are forcasting 12 to 20.....and possibly more! That makes me cold just thinking about it. But I am excited! If you have never been in an area where snow falls like this, you really should experience it. And I know most of the people that read this have never seen anything like it. It is absolutely beautiful. Now I realize that I won't have to go out in it unless Juliannes class is not cancelled. And I hope it will. If it is not then I will go with her and drive her back. That should be interesting!

Dick is home. I am glad. I missed him. Julianne and I went to Wally World this afternoon to pick up some supplies. Not storm stuff.....toothepaste, shampoo, face wash, etc. I put two 2 liter bottles of diet Mountain Dew in my buggy. Now that might qualify as "storm stuff". I have become addicted to that stuff! I crave it. But back to the story.......Everybody and their brother was in there like when a hurricane is threatening. Actually, the hurricane rush is worse. But this was pretty bad. We left there and stopped in at the BBQ place to get Julianne and Dick dinner. They informed us that today was the last day they would be open. He is closing that restaurant and will be doing catering from Richmond. I guess he had no idea what this was going to mean to me. Many, many times I have stopped there on the way home to pick up dinner for Dick at the last minute. He always loves BBQ! Now what am I gonna do? There is nothing else that fills the bill. Hells bells.....I guess I am gonna have to cook.

I have pretty much put a new sofa on the back burner. Thank you for your concern. I do have other things that I need to concentrate on right now. Not necessarily things I want to concentrate on, but need to. And that is no fun.

I guess I better go. I am exhausted thinking about all the things that I need to do so I guess I need to go on to bed.



Yvonne said...

Diet Mountain Dew!!! Love the stuff! Geez, I'm jealous - you get to be snowed in - and in such a beatiful place, too! Enjoy your winter storm today - stay warm!

BigHeadFred411 said...


Christy said...

Your so lucky! I would love a forecast like that!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

take a little nap honey. that's what i'd do! i have been in snow like that many times, i'll take sunshine any old day! thank you very much! and sorry about your restaurant. i have a little idea, if he is doing catering maybe you could buy some stuff and freeze it in dinner portions, just a thought. or else (gasp) cook...

smiles, bee