Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hey Yall! I have had a busy few days. Chris and Linley Shea left yesterday. They flew out around 5. We thoroughly enjoyed having them here. Of course, I am concerned about my little Bo Bo. This kidney stone business has us all on edge....especially him. So far everything is okay. We are just concerned.

Today, I moved Julianne into her apartment. I am laying here on her bed pretending to be a college girl myself. Her bedroom has turned out precious. I made a bed skirt to go with a duvet cover that we found at Pottery Barn for half price. The main colors in the cover is blue and gold. I found some solid curtain panels that matched and was able to make the bed skirt. I also picked up two extra for curtains. I think I will just move up here with her. Of course she will have to sleep on an air mattress because I don't think we will be comfortable on a full size bed. But I guess we could try.....

We have a few errands to run AFTER I go to the managers office tomorrow morning and express my disappointment. When we came last week and signed our lease, we came over to the apartment to move a few boxes in. Well, it was obvious that the room had not been cleaned and neither had the bathroom from the previous tenant. There was still trash in the room. When I went back over to the office, they just acted (and I do mean "acted") appalled that this had been overlooked. They promised it would be taken care of immediately. That was a week ago. Today, the trash was removed, but nothing else had been done. So we will have another meeting tomorrow. They are also giving out $200 VISA gift cards to people who sign new leases and I WANT MY DAMN CARD! They should give me two for having to put up with their inability to carry out their part of the contract. Three would work also. Four would guarantee that I clean the bathroom. Maybe I will bring this possibility to the table. I will let you know the outcome. If I don't like the outcome of our meeting, I will be posting reviews on this here place. And it ain't gonna be good!

Well, I guess that is all for right now. Julianne is wanting to go to bed and I haven't checked any of my favorite blogs yet. But I will....it might be tomorrow, but I will be checking.

I will talk to yall later....Tootles

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