Monday, January 14, 2008

Hey Yall! I need to apologize. But not for taking so long to post again on my blog. I figure you are use to that by now. I need to apologize because this may be a whiny post. And I may use ugly favorite ones.....hells bells, boogers...yeah, those. I am warning you in advance so if you want to leave Frannycakes, you can do it now without me ever knowing.

Do you ever have those dreams where you are trying to do something but, like, your legs won't move or you just can't do what you need to do no matter how hard you try? Well, I had one of those dreams early this morning. Actually, I have been having some seriously vivid dreams. When I wake up, it is like it really happened. They are seriously real. Like a couple of weeks ago, I had a fabulous visit with Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter. They were so sweet and no, we did not talk politics because you know I could really care less about that crap. So, all in all, it was a good dream night and I really enjoyed Jimmy and Rosalyn. And of course, Georgia people like Georgia people and since they are from Georgia, they can't be all bad. But, back to the story. This mornings dream was a little different. And I could not walk or think or do anything! I was completely helpless. So when I woke up, I was exhausted. And everyone was mad at least in my dream. It was a relief to wake up.

I came downstairs and got a cup of coffee. And I felt funny. I felt all swimmy headed.....ever felt like that? When I moved my eyes, I felt dizzy. And a little nauseous. So I planned to just stay in my pj's and curl up on the new comfy sectional. Wait. We didn't get a new comfy sectional. That realization made my plans not so appealing. So I went and showered and dressed. No makeup. No hair styling. Dick will be so happy to see his bride tonight. I am feeling a little bit better now. Not well, but better.

Did I tell you it is snowing like crazy outside? Yep, it is. Weezie wanted to go out and stepped off the step onto the deck and it came up to the top of her back. It looked like she was swimming! She immediately jumped back up on the step, did her business and came inside. And when she did, she brought a whole bunch of snow back in with her. Oh joy.

I had big plans for today. Yesterday, I went and bought groceries. I was going to make red chicken stew and soup today. I was going to make the dust ruffle for my bed. And all I want to do is curl up on our new comfy sectional. Boogers.

I did perk up for a while. I talked to Vickie about our planned trip to Italy. I am getting excited about it! We will be deciding on the dates very soon and deciding on what we want to see while we are there. Who wouldn't perk up over something like that.

I have so many things that I need to do around here. I have stripped the kids bedrooms of their sheets and washed them, but not put them back on. The wood floors all need to be scrubbed. After having extra feet, covered in wet melting snow mixed with dirt walking around for a month, you can hardly see the wood. I need to clean closets, THROW AWAY!!!!, get organized. But it will all have to start tomorrow.

Today was Julianne's first day of school. I talked to her earlier. Of course she needed money to buy a computer program. She sounded very happy. I hope this will be a new good start for her. And so far it sounds like it will be.

I am planning a trip to NC and SC. Have not quite figured out the dates yet, but should have those plans finalized soon. And last, but not least, me and my man are going to Las Vegas! He will be working, but I won't. So I have alot of researching to do about Vegas and Italy to do. I already know exactly what to do in NC and SC!

I guess that was not so bad. And I didn't even say Hells Bells. I will save that till next time.

Talk to yall later! Tootles!


Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Honey, you need to comne back home to the've got SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder...LOL!!! My diagnosis! But seriously, sounds like you are in a fog, foggy dreams. Fran wake up, are you OK? I've missed you!

Nancy in Florida said...


First of all, SNAP OUT OF IT". Get out of the fog, you are not powerless. As a matter of fact, you are the most positive and assertive woman I know. If anyone is powerless, it's poor ol' Weezie.
With snow up to her back and no place to "go". What a shock to a delicate southern belle.

But what I really want to talk to about is Italy. Oh my goodness, Italy is just about the most beautiful place on the planet. The people are very sweet and accomodating. What an amazing time you are going to have. Florence, definitely, Florence, Italy. It is so historic and full of amazing art and buildings. It is so intimate( close up and personal) You literally live the history- see it, touch it, feel it.

The shopping is also great. The wonderful retail stores are full of all the great labels we know -Ferrigamo- Gucci- Lladro. It goes on and on. Florence is know for their leathergoods and Tuscan pottery. The open air markets are full of beautiful wares and great prices. Just try to restrain yourself. I could not. An bed linens---oh my goodness, you will be in heaven.

There are cooking classes in Tuscan towns that completely immerse you in the culture. Go rent "Under The Tuscan Sun" and get ready to go on the trip of your life.

Please call me before you make all of your plans, there is so much we can tell you.

And you are going to Vegas with your hubby. Where are you staying, and when are you going. So much to do and see.

With all of your planning and traveling, we may never hear from you again. Please don't forget us.

Stay out of the fog and be happy.

Nancy in Florida