Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Brotherhood

Hey Yall! I know....I know..... Everyday, I go through my list of favorite blogs and get so disappointed when one of them has not added a new blog entry. Very Frustrated!!!! I need to know what some of these people are doing or have to say or what fabulous decorating tip they have to share with.....well.....ME! I mean, they do know that my only excitement here in cold snowy Maine is to read their updated blog, right? Then I realized that I have been doing that to you. I am sorry. And I will try to do better. Being that this is one of my New Year's Resolutions. I won't tell you how last years New Year's Resolutions worked out....but I am gonna try to do better!

Christopher is still here with us as is his lovely girlfriend Linley. As some of you know, Chris had a fun adventure with a kidney stone last summer. It was a pitiful thing to watch him in pain. But seeing him bonding with another man who had experienced this horrible pain (which from now on be referred to as "The Brotherhood")almost brought tears to my eyes. He and John Benson stood bonding on the beach, drinking a beer, comparing notes while reliving the pain of it all. Another man had entered "The Brotherhood" and they were proud.

Fast forward......Chris has been in some pain over the past week. The old familiar pain. He has been drinking water continuously. Last night, Dick and I were in Auburn having dinner with a couple we knew way back when we went on a temporary transfer to Mobile 25 years ago. It has been that long since we had talked to them and funny how you can pick right back up! During our meal, Linley called to say Chris was in A LOT of pain and double up on the floor. Okay. So Julianne drove them to the ER which was right across the street from where we were eating. Very convenient....for us. The ER was pretty much empty....we registered and went right in. I went back with my little boy. Chris could not sit still. A wonderful nurse came in and talked to him and almost immediately the doctor came in. He introduced himself to Chris using his first name and immediately, I had a feeling....could it be....yes.....He was a member of "The Brotherhood". The outpouring of sympathy and we will get you some pain med's and I've had 5 stones and we are going to take care of you and people, "The Brotherhood" takes care of each other! So almost immediately, he gets an IV to start pumping fluids in him. He get a pain killer. They take him for a Cat Scan.......and then......Everyone is extremely impressed with Chris. People are coming from down the hall to look at him because he has a
7 mm kidney stone halfway between his kidney and bladder. The doctor on the first name basis says his largest was only 5 mm. And all this time while everyone is smiling and so astonished that he is like....standing there.....talking.....has the biggest kidney stone.....We all know that it is only half way to the bladder. So, we have a prescription for a load of pain killers and hopefully he will pass it before Monday when he is supposed to fly back to NC. School starts on Wednesday. I guess we should be glad this happened now and not during the school year.

Chris got up for a minute when I got up this morning and he said he was not having any pain at the moment. I am thankful for that. Cause mommas don't like seeing their children in pain.

"The Brotherhood" first name doctor told Chris to call him (and gave him his phone number) if the pain got too bad. Nice to know......I guess being in "The Brotherhood" has its advantages.

So some other quick updates.....Most of my Christmas decor is put away. My de-decorated trees are waiting for me to make a place for them in the attic. We still turn the lights on them and it looks like we have decorated "trees". I am sitting here and one string of lights keeps going out every couple of minutes. Do I take off those lights and redo them before I put it up in the attic while things are calm and the holiday decorating frenzy in not upon us? Hell no.

Julianne is excited about moving out. We are getting her things together. I had found some of those cute little shelves at the Goodwill and she wanted them painted, so I faux painted them yesterday. And if I must say so myself, they turned out gorgeous. So I will be on the lookout for more so I can do them for myself. I painted three different things yesterday....two shelves and one shelf with a bulletin board covered with fabric and ribbon on top. I think I paid a total of $10 for all three. I hope her new living arrangements will work out. At least her room will be look beautiful.

Can't think of anything new right now. I will be a better blogger....I will be a better blogger....(clicking heels together!)

Talk to yall later! Tootles!


yvonne said...

I know, I know.....update your blog! (meaning me) I will, as soon as I have something profound to write....

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Yea...I'm so guilty but it's just been nice to veg out for a while. Everyone is gone and I've been dedecortating too which is still lots of work. Hope Chris is OK, will he still leave for school next week? what a terrible thing for him to have to go through. Glad you had and are still having fun. Thought of you this week when we had one night that dipped down to 22 degrees and one of 35 degrees. now we are warm again with lots of rotting, smelly tropicals like split leave phillodendrens that need attention. the joys of south MS in the winter.

joan said...

Gosh that sounds so horrible! I heard that kidney stones are the worst kind of pain. Hope he's better soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a grand time!
-Chris's Kidney Stone

A Jackson Thing said...

I want to join the brotherhood.

anastasia beaverhausen said...

I had a kidney stone once...about twelve years ago. Yikes! That was some incredible discomfort. Thanks for coming by my blog. Stop by and comment whenever you like!