Thursday, January 24, 2008

Did you notice that I changed the colors again? Here's to my Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech!

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A Jackson Thing said...

Now am I wrong or did Georgia Tech just beat NC State.....awww, yes I am correct...NC State did just get beat.

I would like to congratulate 3 people:
(1)The NC State Basketball Team...77-74, yeah thats right. Meditate on that for a while. I do believe a great family rivalry, lasting all year, has begun. And Mom favors who?
(2) Matt Causey, the great white hope! Leave it to Tech to introduce the new era of the athletic honeys. Bring it white boy!
(3) And Finally, Chris Jackson - for both passing that kidney stone, which is impressive to all men and women around, and for strategically ignoring my daily phone calls this week to say, "Hah Hah!" Yes, you'll graduate with a Engineering degree, but this week I bask in joy. I love you buddy! Don't year I fully expect the same from you.