Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fashion Friday

Hey Yall! I have been trying to make all of you happy by posting more often and still making this a very interesting and entertaining blog. So today's post will be Fashion Friday. It is an attempt to bring the latest and greatest in fashion and not break the bank.

This will be a great top to wear under t-shirts, blouses and with jackets. Or you can wear it as the model has just by itself. It is certainly hot enough to wear alone.

As you can see, with just the help of a pair of scissors you too can have this top. And what a deal too! You can get a 3 pack for around $6.00! Imagine the possibilities! I know you can hardly wait to get started!

Your welcome.


noble pig said...

People need to look in the mirror! That looks terrible.

Yvonne said...

...not to mention the wondeful variety of colors to choose from! One to match every outfit!