Monday, August 18, 2008


Hey Yall. Please keep up your prayers for Scottie and his family. Below is an update I got this morning.

A better day today. When we left a 9:00pm there had been no issues today. They are just leaving him alone for now not messing with the NOM machine so he has been stable since about 10:00 last night. The surgery is off until his lungs are better. His lungs are worse than they had thought. They are giving him antibiotics to fight off infection. They will heal in time. The doctor says it could be 3 days, weeks, or months. He is young and strong so that is in his favor. My dad has always called him Bubba and he is a tad bit lazy so we say he going to heal on Bubba time. Since God's time is not our time and we are on Bubba time this could take a while.

Thanks again for your support, e-mails, phone calls and prayers, keep them coming.

God Bless.


Thanks again. Really.

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Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

What an ordeal to go thru, sounds like he is strong, with time will be better.