Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back to Business

Hello, my name is Frannycakes, it is nice to see you again! I wish I could say that I have been so busy that I just have not had time to blog....but I would be fibbing. No excuses!

I have been getting ready for Gran Gran and Debbie to come see us. The clutter has been cleaned up. I just have to vacuum and dust and clean the counters....then clean the refrigerator.....then sweep outside.....then grocery shop.....WHAT AM I DOING BLOGGING!!!!!!!

We have got some great things planned for them and I will tell you all about it afterwards. I don't want to give away any of the details! I can assure you (and them) that we won't be going up to the top of Mt. Washington!

Wow....time is really closing in on alot of things. Jamie and Lesley's wedding is July 14. I still have many things to do to get ready. Anybody got any cute ideas for the rehearsal dinner.....bags at the hotel for out of town guests?.....anything? I love hearing people's ideas. Thank you in advance..... Also, I am going to Raleigh to get Julianne out of the dorm and move her stuff to storage. We will not be moving into the condo until June 15. Then we are going to the beach for a few days with Elaine. And the condo? Everything is going well except that the listing agent informed our agent that the security system does not go with the condo. Now, being the graduate of J Y Monk Real Estate School I know that it is considered a fixture and it was not written in the listing agreement that the security system is not included AND they did not come back with this fact before they signed their portion of the contract. The listing agent told my agent that she guessed she would have to buy a new one unless we were REASONABLE. Excuse me.....We are reasonable. We just want you to sell what you signed for........and we will pay you what we signed for. We are waiting until after the home inspection to say anything else about it. If anything comes up that needs to be fixed....well....everything is negotiable. I am still a little bit ticked over that!

Aren't you glad I'm back? Rant rant rant rant rant! I am better now. I went to LL Bean yesterday and got 2 pairs of cropped pants. I think I am set for summer. At least the casual part of summer. They had the cutest totes and sandles. I could have spent some moolaa there.....but.....Dick are you reading this?....I didn't.

Finals are coming up for the "children" in North Carolina. Good Luck! Jamie is in Miami on business.....Be Careful Jamie!!!! Dick is in Bangor at a meeting. Weezie is snoring in her "den" bed. And Frannycakes is about to get her rear in gear.

I will talk to you later! Tootles!


Yvonne said...

Well welcome back! Missed ya!
So - rehearsal dinner - we did a "how well do you know the bride and groom" quiz. Prizes!! (I think it was a picture frame) - out of town guests (we did'nt have any when my son got married, but we were out of town guests once - and we got juice, muffins, chocolate mints and a coupon for a local restaurant. Also included in the bag was a handful of hard candy and some gum. There might have been some chamomile tea in there, but I can't remember. Tied to the handle of the bag was a little note from the hosts thanking us for coming....etc. You are going to have so much fun!!!

Amazing Gracie said...

Hi Fran! Glad to meet ya! I'm glad you left a note - it's always fun to meet the "dreaded lurker."
I enjoy reading about your move - we're going through the same...we're downsizing from a nice home to a mobile home that's seen better days. It's an adventure! But that life...
Come again...

BigHeadFred411 said...

I think that all the out of town guests, including those that are in the wedding, should get something really nice.
Something like a new plasma TV, or maybe a Segway scooter. You know, something that would really make them say "WOW". That would really make a great impression on everyone (including myself).

Nancy in Florida said...

I'm with bigheadfred on the gifts for OOTG (out of town guests). The bigger the better. A new plasma TV would be quite nice, provided that you could pay the shipping back home. Or just give a nice gift certificate to Circuit City or Best Buy and that would save the shipping cost.

Are you planning entertainment for the OOTG? Remember that most of them will never have visited the city where the wedding will take place. Perhaps you should charter a bus on Saturday morning for a tour of the surrounding area with a picnic lunch at Churchill Downs. Hats optional. Maybe you could arrange a "jockey for a day" experience for the more ambitious guests.

Yes, you are really going to have fun with this.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with Fred and Nancy....not so much the picnic, but the TV/Gift cards at Circuit city or Best buy! I also like the juice, muffins, CHOCOLATE and coupon for a clocal restaurant from Yvonne!
Have fun with Elaine and Debbie and give them our best!