Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Airport Sighting

I forgot to tell you something in my earlier post. Monday, while waiting in Washington for my flights to Portland to be canceled, I saw Bob Dole. I was sitting at the gate door of a flight going to Orlando and looked up to see him with a couple of his "Helpers". He looked like I had always seen him look on TV. His suit was perfect, his hair was perfect and he had a smile on his face. And speaking of his face.......do you think he has had some surgery?

We did put a contract on a condo.....have I told you that tidbit yet? On the was back Monday our realtor called and said that someone wanted to buy our contract. They really, really wanted the condo and would be willing to pay us for it. Our realtor asked what amount they were talking about......$500.....what? No......a few thousand dollars. Since I really did not see any other condo's that I was interested in (that was willing to come down to a reasonable price!) and the fact that I would have to fly back down there (need I say anything else about flying again right now!), we said thanks, but no thanks.


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LinleyShea said...

what a long, long trip just to get back to Maine! i am glad you are home and safe! and i really hope your bags show up - i know it must be a nightmare to not have your clothes and make up on hand... we all miss you!