Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane......Part 2

I love my children. I do. I really do. But today they are getting on my last nerve. Chris has been very tired and needed his sleep today. So when I took Weezie out at 7:30 this morning, I was very quiet. I made my coffee and quietly watched the Today Show. I decided to let him sleep just as long as he could so he would be rested and wake up in a good mood. Hmmmmmmmm. When he got up around 2 I took my shower and waited on Julianne to get back from her shower at her dorm. She finally arrived and brought her dirty clothes to wash. Then we waited for Nathan so we could go eat Lunch. Now it was not Nathan that kept us from eating lunch at lunch time, I just want to get that straight. It was my children that made lunch into supper. We just got back from supper. It is 6:40. We had to go by Target to pick up some things like light bulbs so Chris' eyes would not go bad. We have been without light bulbs in the living room all week. Yes, I know......I should have picked them up when I went shopping looking for a dress for the wedding. Well, I should have. I can hear Dick saying....."If you would just write a list....." And that my friends pretty much sums up why we didn't have light in the living room all week. But enough of that.....I think Chris could use about 12 more hours of sleep before tomorrow. Then he will be back to normal. Julianne and Nathan are watching Futurama on the TV.....a completely stupid cartoon made for adults. Where they got the idea that they are adults I don't know but........

The weather is bad up in Maine and so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I make it to Maine tomorrow. I called USAir this morning to try and change my flight and the man made me feel stupid for wanting to reschedule my flight home. We will see how stupid I sound when I call them tomorrow when I am stranded in an airport overnight with the Pretty Pretty Princess!

I need to go and get started packing.....I will talk to you later! Tootles!

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