Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Home Again Jiggity Jig!!!!

I have had a very interesting past few days. Not necessarily fun.....just interesting. I told you in an earlier post that I had called USAir the afternoon and night before my flight back to Maine and they assured me I had nothing to worry about. Well.............Lier, Lier, Pants on Fire !!!!!!!!

I got up at 4 to shower and we left for the airport at 5. Chris took me to the airport. Thank you Chris! I got checked in and went through security. That is quite a job when you have a dog and a laptop and have to take off your shoes and jacket! I think I used 6 of those gray bins. After they determined that the Pretty Pretty Princess was not trying to carry any liquids or jells on the flight, we started off to our gate. But we were hungry, so we stopped at Bojangles and I got a large coke to start things off right with and a plain biscuit with cheese on the side. Why on the side? So I could wrap Weezie's happy pill with in and her gulp it down instead of me having the ram my whole hand down her throat to make her swallow it! That sweet thing can lock her throat up! Then we went on down to our gate to wait for our flight. About 15 minutes before the time to leave, they announced that the flight would be leaving an hour late. Ummmmmmm, okay. So I go get in line to see if I need to have my other flight changed. Of course there were about 30 people already in the line when I got there. I was holding Weezie cause she was a limp noodle by that time. The lady behind me started up a conversation about Weezie and we talked for a while. As we got nearer to the front of the line, a man in front of us told the lady that he had to get to Kansas City that day. She proceeded to tell him there was no flight to Kansas City and there would be no way for her to get him there. Well, the lady behind me stepped forward and told her that yes she could get him there and there was a flight to Atlanta with Air Tran in 45 minutes and he could get to Kansas City that way. So she did a little typing and guess what? He was sent down to the Air Tran gate for his trip to Kansas City. Turns out this lady is a travel agent from Maine. And you know what? She has an issue with the airlines. We sat down and talked and she said her biggest corporate client is a man that was in front of her in line trying to get to a meeting he was supposed to be at and she told the airline person how to get him there. She told him she was a travel agent and when they fixed his travel arrangements for him to get to his meeting, he asked for her card. Turns out he was the president of company and she now does all of the travel for that company. You never know who you might be helping out.

So off we went to Washington. I did make it there in time for my flight to Portland....if they had not cancelled it before I got there. So I got in line again and was scheduled for the next flight out......which also got cancelled......and the next flight.........which also got cancelled. During this 5 hour period, I sat with 3 other women who were trying to get to Portland. One was the Travel Agent, one was from Farmington (just up the road from my house), and a lady from Canada who had driven down to Portland so she could get a cheaper flight. When the last flight was cancelled, TA (Travel Agent) was ticked. We all picked up our stuff to go get in a very very long line to try and go somewhere. All flights had been cancelled to Portland. The lady from USAir was teetering on the edge of losing her temper. Our TA checked to see if we could fly into Manchester......yes..........as long as we didn't mind leaving after 9 that night.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..........So we settled on Boston and she told her to put us all on that flight. She called her husband and told him to come to Boston and pick up 4 women! We finally got on the plane and on the runway. We were in a holding pattern because of wind. It was shaking the plane! I mean literally rocking the plane. We had to wait an hour there until the winds died down. I could not tell it had died down. But off we went. I think it was probably the worst take off I have ever been on. Oh Man! I was wishing I had stayed for the night in the Washington airport. I really thought we were going to crash. But we made it to Boston and I was one thrilled traveler to be that far.

I had really hoped that my luggage would have made it to Boston, but I guess that was too much to ask. Thank goodness I had the good sense to have the dress I bought for the wedding shipped to the house. I do hope I see the luggage along with all my clothes and make up again. Anyone who knows me also knows that I pack everything I have when I go somewhere. And this trip was no exception. I do hope I see it all again.

But....back to the story.....TA's husband met us and we went to put in a missing person's report for the luggage. It was not a pretty picture in that office. We had to wait in a long line again. They had four agents helping people. When I got to the front of the line, I saw or should I say heard, one lady (lady ?) cussing out an agent, one lady explaining that she didn't have her luggage claim numbers and a man crying......CRYING!!!!!! So being the sweet person I am (and thrilled to be alive and 3 hours from home!!!!) I very nicely gave the agent my name, address, contact phone numbers and the luggage claim numbers. I have yet to hear from them.

Dick was waiting for us at the York exit so we excited TA's car, thanked her for helping us and giving us a ride. The lady from Canada wanted a picture of us together (!) so we posed and then all piled into our car for the ride to Portland. We took the other two ladies to their cars and took off for home. We stopped and got lobster rolls for dinner. They were delish! I checked all my favorite blogs to how everyone was doing and went on to bed.

Have I told you that Weezie was a perfect traveler? Her happy medicine had long ran out by the time we met Dick and she was still good. We are lucky to have such a sweet little Pretty Pretty Princess!

Can I whine for a minute.......? I have my usual headache. I am starting to see a pattern with it. I have taken sinus med's for it and jammed Vicks up my nose and am just about to resort to Goody's and Coke. I think it might be time to go and get something stronger. I have about 3 days of headache at a time.....thanks for letting me whine.......

I have to go and start dinner. We are having pork chops, roasted red potatoes and zucchini and tomatoes. Yum Yum.

I will talk to you later! Tootles!

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