Thursday, May 24, 2007

Farmer Frannycakes

Yesterday was very busy and productive. Just the kind of day that Dick likes me to have......hehehehehehe. After having my pot of coffee and reading the news of the day, I dressed and headed out to Auburn to get some plants and potting soil and assorted other things I needed to complete the "farm". Got some of the stuff at Wally World and the other stuff at Lowes. I could have purchased much much more, but I would have needed the heavy duty plows the farm down the road has to cultivate the yard. I guess I will stick with the beds I already have. I decided to plant peonies to see if I could actually grow them. We will see.......the people we bought the house from had them in the bed by the back porch and loved them so much they dug them up and took them with them. Of course they had asked me if they could and like the nice person I am I said yes. And they in turn told us we could move in before closing so I thought that was a pretty good deal. When you are nice to people, they tend to me nice to you. And when people are not nice to you, you tend to not be nice to them. Just ask the people who bought our house in Roanoke Rapids. They were an absolute nightmare to deal with and we didn't cut them any slack when we closed on Friday afternoon at 4. Had they been "nice" and not "nightmares", we would have let them move in before the deed was recorded Monday morning. However, hell would have frozen over before that happened. They were not given the keys to the house until the recording took place at around 10 on Monday morning. But enough of those fun recollections.......

My main purpose in buying plants was to buy vegetable plants. Yes, I am a farmer. Hopefully, I will keep them alive and be able to feed my family this summer. I have most of them in pots. The bell peppers and sweet banana peppers are in the ground. I have regular tomatos and cherry tomatos. Regular updates and photos will follow! I also bought some herbs and surely I will be able to keep them alive. Right? Anyway......please send me all your suggestions in growing the crops.

Today I am paying the price for being outside all day yesterday. The pollen has just started up here. My head is killing me. My throat is sore. My ears hurt. My teeth hurt. Plus, my middle finger who hints to me every day that it has arthiritis aches. And a couple more have started hinting. I know, I know......

Dick is going to Lexington to visit Jamie and Lesley today and I am jealous. I really really want to be there.

I guess that is all I have to report to you now.....I will talk to you later....Tootles!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your garden. It looks like you have inherited your Dad's green thumb. I remember gardens of yesteryear at the Flanders home that would have fed small countries all summer long. I am really looking forward to your "farm reports".

All the best to your arthritic fingers and allergies.

Nancy in Florida