Monday, May 7, 2007

Monday, Monday

It is Monday again. And again I am spending a Monday the way I always wanted to spend a Monday when I was working......being a slug! Not totally true, but I have been taking my time doing what I need to do and mostly what I want to do. Kind of sounds like me, doesn't it?

We had a very low key weekend. Dick has been stressed with some work related issues. He was so wired Friday when he got home that he went straight to the lawnmower and mowed the lawn. Saturday, we drove to Farmington. I met Dick at Le Fleurs Restaurant for lunch on Sunday. As always it was DELISH! Then I went to the grocery store there in Jay. That didn't take too long because all Dick requested to eat while I was gone was some lean cuisine meals. Okay.....I don't want anyone passing judgement on me about this. When I have gone somewhere in the past, I have left food and when I returned, it was sitting there in the refrigerator untouched. Therefore, I have left it up to him. I have him some breakfast things and plenty of beer (a major food group, right?) and some lean cuisines that he requested. Plus he has his ice cream bars....he will survive. Bob at Le Fleurs will take care of him if he will just call and order something before he leaves the mill. Anything he orders will be enough for two meals........I will not feel guilty!

I am headed to Portland to proof the rehearsal dinner invitations as soon as I get my rear in gear. I have to return something to Pottery Barn. I wish I could order some furniture and at least one of everything they have while I am there but........did I just doze off.......I must have been dreaming I won the lottery! Anyway, after that I will be heading back home to pack up my summer clothes for the south. I am not looking forward to the heat. I love the cooler temps here in Maine. But I am looking forward to seeing two of my babies and chillin with my buds.

We talked with Jamie over the weekend and he seems happy as can be! He and Lesley were painting their apartment. Lesley has been busy hanging curtains......feathering their little nest! It is just a little over 2 months till the big day! We can't wait!

I do believe that is about all the news I have. I will talk to you later......Tootles!

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