Friday, May 4, 2007

A Whirlwind Week!

I decided that I really needed to post on Frannycakes so I didn't lose my loyal followers (Hey Mom and Dad!!!!). The last week has been very busy. We have seen some beautiful places up here in Maine and when we beg and plead for our family and friends to come up and visit us, we feel the need to show them everything because we don't know if they will ever come visit us again. This has been the case wherever we have lived. But up here it seems even more important because most of our visitors have never been this far north. And trust me, everything here is different than it is down south. Trust me.

Gran Gran and Debbie flew in on Wednesday. I picked them up from the airport because Dick had decided that he would take off Friday and Monday so he could have a long weekend with them. We ate lunch and then headed north. Since they had gotten up very very early, they were tired from their trip and decided to rest for a while until Dick got home. As usual, I wowed them with my culinary skills! Hahahahaha! For dinner we had grilled salmon, roasted sweet potato wedges, and roasted asparagus. This is our very favorite meal and probably have it twice a week. They did like it and Debbie told me yesterday that she was serving the sweet potatoes and asparagus for dinner.

Thursday, the girls met Dick for lunch in Jay at Le Fleurs. We always enjoy eating there and I think they enjoyed it too. Then we headed to Freeport for a little LL Bean fix. I didn't buy anything but had a good time. We walked to a few of the outlets there but didn't stay long because it was cold! For dinner, we had lobster rolls from Youly's. This too is one of our favorites.

Friday, we drove up to the Rangeley lakes area. There was still alot of snow there and the lakes still had ice. This is always as pretty ride.

Saturday, we got up early and started out for Bar Harbor. We drove through Rockland and Camden and lots of other beautiful coastal towns. In Ellsworth, we stopped at one of Maine's famous close out stores, Marden's. Over in the fabric department, I found a decorator fabric that I have been looking at for a long time. It was $5.66 a yard. Plus, I got 20% off for getting the whole roll. I got 16 yards for $80. I am not sure exactly what I am going to do with it, but I am prepared when I do!

Bar Harbor was as beautiful as ever! We had reservations at the Bar Harbor Inn but it was too early to check in, so we decided to go to Cadillac Mountain and Acadia National Park. The weather was supposed to be rainy, but it was clear and beautiful so we were smart to do this on Saturday because it did turn rainy Sunday. The view was beautiful from Cadillac Mountain. After checking in, we all went for a rest. Then Debbie and I went down town to do a little shopping. Next was dinner and then we all turned in early.

Sunday, we drove around the Bar Harbor area and the surrounding towns. It was raining, but still it was pretty. I had told Dick that I wanted to ride down some streets in Bar Harbor to look and see if I could find the Bed and Breakfast that Gu Gu (my grandmother) and I had stayed at when we visited way back when I was 11 or 12. I just happened to look out the window when we were riding back into town and there it was. Dick said he would ride back by to make sure after we did a little bit more shopping downtown. The shopping did not take was cold and windy and just not fun walking in the rain. So back we went to the Bed and Breakfast. I told them to look for a small pool to the right.....I had remembered swimming while I was there. Sure enough, when we pulled into the parking lot, there sat the swimming pool. Next trip, we will stop by and see if I can look at the room. Nice memories!

Weezie had stayed at home. We had a friend come by and let her out twice on Saturday and once on Sunday. She was glad to see us.....mostly to see Debbie because she would give Weezie a treat everytime Weezie looked at her. You can imagine how many treats Weezie got because Weezie caught onto this fact very fast! She goes to treat rehab tomorrow......thanks to Aunt Debbie!

Monday, we got back in the car again and headed for the presidential mountains. Mt. Washington is one of know, my personal favorite.....NOT! Actually, it is beautiful. We can see it from our neighborhood. It is covered with snow and beautiful to look at......but not to ride to the top. I think I actually had a panic attack on the way up. Thankfully, the park is still closed so I didn't even have to worry about that ride again. Unfortunately, the weather was bad for this trip and the clouds were laying low. We were not able to see many (any) mountains at all. We drove to North Conway, NH and visited the outlets there. Debbie and Gran Gran found some "souvenirs" there. You know....the kind you wear! We bought a flag for out house and that was about the extent of our shopping. Then we headed back to our little part of Maine. Gran Gran treated us to her pancakes for dinner and it was DELISH!

Tuesday, Dick went back to work and the girls got up leisurely and decided to go to Auburn to do a little leisurely shopping. We had lunch there and headed back home for some R & R. We had chicken and dumplings for dinner. Then the visitors packed and decided to retire for the night.

Wednesday morning, we left for the airport around 7. The visitors are just pro's at flying now. They had the flight attendant sharing her sandwich and desert with them cause "they were hungry". I am going to try that my next flight!

Thursday was crazy. I had some things I needed to Fed Ex and fax. So I got it all together and headed to Auburn. On the way home, Julianne called and said I needed to fax a copy of our new insurance card to the doctors office. Since I was almost home, I decided to go back to Auburn later in the afternoon. When I walked in the door, I immediately saw something that should have been in the box that I Fed Ex'd. So.....two trips to Auburn in one day. Duh.

That brings me to today. The sun is shining and we wind is blowing like crazy. The golfers are out and obviously from the 8 golf balls I picked up in the back yard yesterday, they are a little rusty. I am about to head for the shower. I have a tube of self tanning moisturizer that I am planning on applying heavily. I will be at the beach in a week and don't want to blind anyone.

Whew! Now wasn't that exciting! Hopefully, I will be back to regular blogging now. I have missed you.

I will talk to you later......Tootles!


Ambulance Driver said...

A full week indeed!

I've heard that Maine is very pretty this time of year.

Yvonne said...

Well, one of these years I will just have to make the trip to Maine and hang out with you! You know how to have fun!

Pawleywog2 said...

Well, I am exhausted! Think I will have to take a nap to get over the trip! Please don't slather the self tan on, I am lily white! I need company! See you next week!