Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Sunny Maine Morning

Good Morning! It is beautiful up here in Maine today. The sun is shining and there are no clouds in the sky. As soon as it warms up just a little bit, I am opening some windows. The birds are chirping out at the bird feeder and the squirrels are eyeing the feeders too. Our fountain on the back porch is full of bird seed and little feathers. I guess I will go out and clean that up today. I have some other plants to put out so I think this afternoon will be "farm day".

Dick flew to Cincinnati yesterday and will be there all week. Then he is driving to Lexington to spend the weekend with Jamie. He is so excited. I wish I could have gone but you know how those last minute tickets can be sky high. I definitely have enough here to keep me busy.

Julianne started her job on Monday. She seemed to have a good day so I guess that is a good sign. She has been getting up at 5 and working out before getting ready. I got up at 5 this morning to make sure she got up then went back to bed. Then I woke up about the time she was leaving and then got back in the bed. It was about 6:30. I had just about dozed off when I heard some talking and laughing outside. There were golfers out at 6:30! I have got to get some sleep at some point.

Chris started his summer session at State yesterday. As a full time North Carolina State University student. Just thought I would throw that in. Love ya Chris!

I guess that is all I have to report right now. I have some pictures from my trip to SC that I will post later.

I will talk to you later! Tootles!

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