Sunday, May 20, 2007

Home Again!

Home Again! Finally! Julianne and I pulled into the driveway at 7 last night. After 2 very long days of driving, we were ready to get out of that car. We left Pawleys Island at 7:30 on Friday morning. We stopped for an hour and ate lunch in Roanoke Rapids with Nathan and his mom Peggy. Hey Peggy! Then we hit the road so we could make it to Washington just in time for rush hour(s). I wouldn't want to miss out on that experience! After stop and go and stop and go and stop and go, it took us about 3 hours to get through the nation's capital. Then we headed to Baltimore where we spent the night. But first things first......

Julianne and I left Raleigh heading for St. Marys on Friday for Mother's Day. We got there around 6. We went out to eat with Mom and Dad. There is a home cooking all you can eat place there and we went all we could eat! Actually, I managed to fill up my plate with just the right amount of food to begin with so I didn't have the pleasure of going back. Then we went to see Gran Gran and deliver her Mother's Day present since she was heading to Debbie's house the next morning. We had a good visit then headed back to Mom and Dad's to go to bed. We were tired and slept great. Saturday, we went to Jacksonville to my cousin Becky's new house and had a cook out by her pool. Her house is beautiful! I think I could move right in! And I know I could put that pool to use! We had a great time sitting and snacking by the pool watching Thomas and Hannah and Tommy in the pool. Those kids are growing up so fast. Thomas has lost that little boy look and Hannah is just so grown up acting. Tommy grilled burgers and they were delish! Of course, Nancy and Dennis were there as was Doris. After such a nice time together I always wish we lived closer. Big Head Fred was even sited.

Sunday, Mom, Julianne and I went to Jacksonville to help Mom find some shoes for the wedding. That is really a hard job! But we were up to the challenge (barely) and found a pair. We were all exhausted by the end of the trip and some of us slept on the way home.....

Monday, Julianne and I headed out to Pawleys. We stopped at a strawberry patch between Charleston and Georgetown. Years ago, Julianne and I had stopped there on day to pick some strawberries. I was excited. Ju was not. All I heard was how humiliated she was to be doing that.....what if someone rode by and saw they could identify her behind all the way across the field! So Monday I purchased two buckets already picked so I would not scar her emotionally AGAIN. And because it was hot and I didn't want to sweat like a pig.

It was great to finally arrive at the beach house. Elaine was there and helped us unload. We did a little bit of grocery shopping. Elaine had to tutor at 6, so I cooked roast and warmed up some of her leftovers from Mother's Day. We called Virginia and were shocked to find out that she was coming that night! She pulled in late and completed the group! We were roomies and of course started laughing after we retired to our room. We thought we had kept it under wraps, but were informed the next morning that we had not. Chris and Linley came on Wednesday. I am glad they were able to enjoy a little bit of relaxation before their classes started back.

We did alot of laying out on the beach, then moving to between the dunes where it was warmer. I read Stuart Woods new book way to fast! I wanted it to last longer! It is good so read it if you have a chance. Our visit to the beach was very relaxing. The food was good too. Of course, it always is good. No dieting there!

Did anyone else watch Grey's Anatomy Thursday night? We all thought it was horrible. What are they thinking? And George better not be leaving. Burke can leave. But George better not and he needs to get his act together. And as for my personal physician, Derek, he better get his act together too. I would hate to have to change doctors.

We are home. It is a long way from SC to Maine. A long way. But it was worth it. Thank you to everyone that opened their abodes to us and visited with us and made us feel welcome and loved. And thank you Dick for letting me leave you here to tend to Weezie. I love you!

Aunt Vickie is visiting the states from Italy! I can't wait to see her!

I guess that is all my exciting news. We need to get in gear and get ready to go to the grocery store and Wally World to buy Julianne some steel toed boots! I am laughing because Julianne and steel toed boots just seem strange in the same sentence!

I will talk to you later! Tootles!

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Yvonne said...

You are one traveling girl! You do more traveling in 5 months than I have done....ever! I'm jealous!!