Sunday, May 6, 2007

It is Cold!

The temperature in these parts is in the low 50's. As long as you are in the sun and the wind isn't blowing it feels pretty good. But once you get in the warm laptop sitting on my lap feels pretty good right now. Dick as the doors opened up and I am slightly chilled.

Tuesday I am leaving on a jet plane again. Back to Raleigh to help Julianne get out of the dorm and go to the beach. Elaine has a week at their beach house and Virginia attending also. It is so nice to get there and just relax. I am looking through all my books to pick just the right one for the week. Maybe I can even catch up on some sleep. That will be nice.

Friday, Julianne and I will head back up to Maine. That will take us a couple of days. She starts to work on Monday so she will have Sunday to rest up.

Congratulations to Mary Ann on her Graduation today from the Citadel. Did you wear your uniform......hehehehehehehe......Actually she got her masters there AND she received an award during Graduation today. She teaches in the Charleston area and I know she is doing a wonderful job. We are proud of you Mary Ann!!!!

Jeb, Mary Ann's brother, will graduate next weekend from the University of South Carolina. Congratulations Jebbie! It is hard to believe that our babies are getting so grown.

I will talk to you later.....Tootles!

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