Monday, April 14, 2008

Dang It!

Did you see my title? I really wanted to type Damn It but you know I don't cuss so I decided to use my next best favorite word. I am so aggravated with Blogger!!!!! UGH!!!!!! I have been trying to post pictures for the past few hours and can't manage to do it. If somebody out there in blog land has any suggestions, please send them my way because I am about to, well, just type Damn It next time. Damn It Damn It Damn It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot to tell you that Skippy came to visit us a couple of weekends ago. Skip was Jamie's big brother in his fraternity and was also a groomsman in the wedding. We just love him and always thoroughly enjoy our visits. As we had expected, we had a good time and hope he will come back to see us. Hey Skip......hope you read this!

I saw my orthopedist today. The x-rays looked good. He moved my arms around and wanted to see me lift my arm and move it behind my back. He was amazed how good I did. I told him it still seemed tender. He told me that most people who have this break are unable to move their arm anywhere near as much as I can. He really was not sure he even wanted me to go to physical therapy. I told him I just wanted to make sure I was able to get 100% of the range of movement back that I had before I broke it. So he filled out the necessary paperwork for me to go for 1 visit and get some exercises so I could do them at home. The physical therapy offices were right next door, so I went in to make my appointment since I was right there. They took my information and asked could I come back at 1:00. So I went back for my torture, sorry, physical therapy. I can't imagine what that must feel like if you don't have the range of movement that I have. I tell you, I am glad I was only there for one visit. It was hurting! I guess I will start tomorrow. Can't wait.

I guess I will go and try to figure out why my photos will not post. UGH!

I will talk to you later!


justabeachkat said...

Hi Fran

So glad your doctor was so pleased. If you can, do the physical therapy. I did after breaking both bones in my right leg. It's a pain (no pun intended) doing the physical therapy, but so worth it. I'm back playing tennis, etc. and I wondered at the time if I would ever be able to.

I know what you mean about Mr. Blogger...sometimes "he" drives me crazy. I finally just re-start my computer and things seem to work better??? Not sure why?


Yvonne said...

Thank goodness the arm is getting back to normal! I have never broken a I cannot relate. And so happpy to have you back in blogger land, too!!

Anonymous said...

Sister you don't know the pain of physical theraphy. Tear your rotator cuff and have physical theraphy after having the butcher of bagdad cut on you.