Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hey Yall! I am having to regroup this morning. My hair stylist is sick so they called this morning to reschedule. Only fair though. I cancelled on her over a month ago because it was snowing and I was faking illness. Remember? It was the day before my scheduled haircut that my hair looked the best it ever had? Well, it has disappointed me every day since then and I will not be tricked again! My new appointment is Saturday afternoon. Yes, THE Saturday afternoon before my flight on Sunday to South Carolina. I was worrying what I would look like with new color and haircut yesterday. I am pretty sure I will look like a freak now. Just got that feeling......

So what do I do today? Well, I need to get off the 'puter and shower and dress and go look for a bathing suit. Ugh! What a horrible thing to do. And it started out to be such a nice day! I will update you later on what I find. However, you can be damn sure there will be no pictures accompanying it.

The golf course is opening on Thursday. Do you know what that means? The golfers will be a little rusty after staying indoors all winter. Last year during the first few weeks after the course opened, I would collect at least 15 balls a day in the fenced in part of our yard. Keep 'em coming guys and gals! We have friends we like to gift with our collected golf balls. Did I just type that we have friends? That would imply that I have made friends......actually Dick gives them to co-workers. Just needed to clear that up!

I guess I better go upstairs and get ready. I will talk to you later! Tootles!


Yvonne said...

And here I thought I was your friend.....bawl!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hair stuff? oy! my last nerve... i hate to go to anyone new especially! good luck!

smiles, bee