Monday, April 28, 2008

Where in the World is Frannycakes?

I finally touched down in God's Country around 5 yesterday afternoon! It looks kind of funny though. They have green down grass, green trees and this thing that I vaguely!

Dick carried me down to Portland to catch the bus to Boston. Great way to go to Boston.....especially with gas prices and a husband who had a shut down that was starting Sunday. As it had been previously, my bus trip was wonderful with the exception that I was disappointed that we were watching "The Bee Movie" and I had half way watched it on our flight back from Italy. Notice how I threw that fact back at you!

I got a new phone for Mothers Day! It is a smart phone and appropriately titled that because you need to be smart to use it. If I could just get my email to work on it, I would feel alot more confident. I am not sure I can actually get calls because I have not heard it ring yet. The only way I know that I was getting a call was because I was holding it and looking at it trying to figure it out when it said I was getting a call. I will admit that despite some people thinking I should run back to Maine and RETURN that phone cause I am not smart that I have actually figured a couple of things out. So there! And I do have 30 days to return it. And I will be back before 30 days to do that after "Where in the World is Frannycakes?" is over.

We may be getting rain this afternoon and that will be fine. It is just so relaxing here and I am with my is good!

I keep forgetting to report that our niece Maggie and her husband Ben are having a baby BOY!!!!!!! We are so excited for them and I know Vickie, the new grand momma, is ready to head to the states! Congratulations to the new family! He will be one lucky very loved little man!

I guess I need to go........relax! Talk to you later! Tootles!

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