Monday, April 21, 2008

Hey Yall! I am afraid that my posts are getting duller and duller. Of course my life is pretty dull right now, so that would explain the dull posts.

Julianne was home this weekend. I think she was sorry she came though. We subscribe to the child raising theory of "work 'em like a dog" and since she was home she had to come out and help us in the yard. Just ask the boys.....they don't want to come home any more!!!!!! When they were still living at home, it was a knock down, drag out to get the yard mowed. The boys say that as soon as they moved out we got a riding mower. You know who does the yard work now? Frannycakes is the yard girl. I actually enjoy it most of the time.

I have realized today that I only have winter clothes that fit. None of my summer clothes fit. So I went to Auburn to look for a couple of things to wear down to God's country. I got two pair of capri's. That is about as close to a pair of shorts that I am getting. I am finally getting around to getting my hair cut. My appointment is tomorrow afternoon. No telling what I am going to look like for my know....down to God's country.

I guess that is all my news. I will talk to you tomorrow! Tootles!

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