Sunday, April 13, 2008


Hey Yall! It is me again. Finally. I think I need to clear up a few theories that have been floating around about me and why I have not posted.....

1. I have not been asleep on my new fabulous red couch all this time.

2. I have not become an Olympic Skier and been in training.

3. I have not withered away to nothing from dieting. Trust me.

4. I have not been eating out and shopping with my many friends I have in Maine.

5. I have not made any friends in Maine. (explanation of number 4)

6. I have not been expanding my mind learning things I don't already know.

7. I have not been laying on the beach in South Carolina.

8. I have not been gardening. Trust me again.

9. I have not been spending lots and lots of time on the computer.

10. I have not been a happy camper.

It feels good to get that out of the way! Now I can tell you the things I have been doing!

1. Cleaning my house

2. Throwing away crap

3. Cleaning my house

4. Cooking

5. Cleaning my house

6. Organizing paperwork

7. Cleaning my house

8. Organizing cabinets

9. Cleaning my house

10. And finally, cleaning my house.

Bear with will all soon become very clear to you. My computer went to be repaired over two weeks ago. I just got it back. And while my house is cleaner, okay, much, much, much cleaner, and my life is much, much, much more organized, I did not have my connection to my friends and family. And being 17+ hours from the boys and my family and friends, having that connection is very important to me. Vital to my happiness. I am going to try and keep a little better balance with everything. But there is a saying that we like to quote in our little family....."If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". Clear to you now?

I do want to thank Dick because he was truly feeling sorry for me. He actually left me his work computer a few days. He could sense the desperation. Thanks precious! I love you!

I have some new and exciting ideas for posting and being more regular in my posting. I have an excellent support group that reminds me regularly that I have not posted. I am sorry that I have let you down and will try to do better. But keep in mind that with a life as exciting as mine, sometimes there just is not a post. But remember that I have some new ideas about posts so hopefully you will not disappointed quite as much!

So what is happening with us right now? Well......Tonight Dick has invited a couple of guys from work to eat with us. One is here from Michigan and lived in Georgetown near us when we lived there. The second one has just started here and still has his family living in Michigan while they finish out the school year. Hmmmmm....that sounds so familiar..... We are having Shrimp and Grits and salad and bread and ice cream with chocolate for dessert.

Linley Shea is graduating May 10 and we are all very excited for her! Yea Linley! We will all be going down for the celebration. I can't wait to see her and Chris AND my new grand baby, Maeby Shea. If you have not visited Maeby Shea's blog, then please is listed in my recommended blogs.

We have another wedding to attend! Mary Ann got engaged last weekend. She and her beau Justin have set the date and it looks like November 22 is it! Mary Ann is very near and dear to my heart and I am so happy for her! And Justin, of course!

AND some other BIG NEWS!!!!!!!! Our niece Maggie and her husband Ben are going to have a baby!!!!!!! We are so excited for them and can't wait for the bundle of joy to arrive.

I know I have left out lots of other stuff, but I will be sure to include it as soon as I remember it......

It feels great to be back on the blog! I have missed you lots!

Talk to you later!


Yvonne said...

Thank goodness you are back. I thought you had gotten to the point of hating the whole blogging thing - and that I had lost my new bestest friend....Welcome back!!

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

So glad you are back....I thought the red sofa swallowed you up! That was horrible not to have a computer, I would die. So dependent on it for so many things. Glad you got your house cleaned and organized. Hmmm, do we see a connection the internet to blame for all my problems?

joan said...

I was wondering what happen to you. Glad you are back Fran abd I hope al is well.