Friday, October 10, 2008

Boys Weekend in New York

Hey Yall! I am a little bit behind on reporting things that have been happening with the family. Sorry! Back in September when Julianne and I were having a fabulous "Julianne's Birthday Weekend", Dick, Jamie and Chris were in New York. They had tickets to a Yankee's game. The next to the last game at Yankee Stadium. You know the story about "that" stadium. We really wanted to make it a fun long weekend get together for the whole family, but due to so many of the family being college students, it just was not possible. They were all supposed to fly into JFK within an hour of each other. Due to a "variety" of reasons (flights canceled, over sleeping...) Chris was the only one who arrived on time. He had the honor of waiting 3 hours for the other two to arrive! Once they got together, they went non-stop until they arrived back at the airport early Sunday morning. It was a quick but busy weekend. Jamie and Chris had never been to NYC. I think they are ready to go back! I know I am.

Here are some of the pictures from the trip. What happened to my little boys? Oh, and the short one? He's the daddy!


Anonymous said...

Good looking boys....all three of them!

noble pig said...

Great pics....awww Yankee Stadium, so sad to see it go.

Manuela said...

Handsome guys! NYC is such a fun place to visit (I used to live there).