Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Exciting Phone Call!!!!

Hey Yall! My morning started out like it usually does.......waking up at 7 (stop laughing Dick, I really DID this morning!), getting my coffee, checking the news, catching up with blogs, washing clothes, emptying the dishwasher, drinking more coffee......well, you get the idea! I had just sat back down and was watching Matt Lauer when the phone started ringing. Ugh! No, I don't want to order Omaha Steaks, no, I don't want to take a survey, NO, NO, NO! When I saw the name on the caller ID, I know that I WANTED to answer! It was my friend Sheila. Sheila was my savior when we lived in Bastrop. Truly. My savior. Bastrop was kind of a strange move for us. We were required to live in Bastrop. But my children attended a private school in the next town over, Monroe. So they had friends there. They were in high school and were very, very happy there. And I was in Bastrop and I was not. Until I found Sheila.

Sheila makes me laugh! And aren't all relationships better if you can laugh together? We were both in a town that we didn't necessarily want to be in. We both had family in other places. Our husbands were both very dedicated to their work and spent a lot of time there. We started going to Monroe and shopping. And shopping. And shopping. We went to garage sales. We went to a few craft fairs. And we laughed. A lot.

Weezie, our Shih Tzu, came from Sheila. Now I wouldn't call her a dog adoption agent, but that might be what she could be called. She had helped many people adopt the most fabulous loving dogs that for a variety of reasons just didn't work out for her. She trains them, and then you can enjoy them for a lifetime! My kids still talk about the chihuahua she had named Taco Bell! She definitely can name them too. Weezie's name is actually Louisiana Southern Belle. When she belonged to Sheila, she was called Belle. For some reason, the name Belle didn't click with our family. So we shortened Louisiana and started calling her Weezie. Her vet here thinks her name is Wheezie because she makes the loudest noises! She snores louder than most men. We sometimes have to wake her up because we can't hear the TV! Seriously! Thank you Sheila! We love our Weezie Belle!

She and her husband are building a house in the same town that their children live in Arkansas. I am so excited for her! Finally! A house she knows is hers and she can decorate and not worry about having to leave it in 6 months. And believe me, she will decorate it so pretty. She has that touch. I am going to try and make it to see her. I miss her.

Some friends come and go. Some friends stay in your heart. And Sheila is that kind of friend. Thanks for the call today! It reminded me of the fun we had and all the laughing we did and how I really want to see you again. I miss you!


joan said...

I know what you mean, there are certain friends who always have a special place in our hearts and it's always so much fun to reconnect with them. Have a good one Fran!

noble pig said...

I love friends who you can pick up no matter what, sounds like it was a great call for you.