Sunday, October 26, 2008

Recommended Products Review

Hey Yall! Debra from the Bunnies Bungalow is hosting a Favorite Products Review. I have never done this before but thought you might enjoy this too. After you read mine first, of course, click on Bunnies Bungalow link above and it will take you to her blog. And she has a great blog too! Different bloggers will have links to their websites listed and you can read about the favorite products also. You might find something you would like to try.

I love Soft Scrub Deep Clean Foam Cleanser. I love it. I no longer dread cleaning my showers and tubs. I have tried other "foaming cleansers", but this is different. Way different. I have found that the way to get the maximum benefit from this cleaner is to use it on a completely dry surface. So get an old washcloth or towel and completely dry your tub or shower. Then generoursly spray it on. Wait about 10 or 15 minutes and take a dry or damp cloth and start to wipe away the soap scum and dirt. Don't turn on the water while you do this. Completely wipe it down with your cloth. If you have a spot that is difficult, respray, wait and it will wipe right off. Trust me. It works.

Go get yours today. You're welcome!

Now you didn't think I would only have one recommendation today, did you? I must share with you the most delicious thing we have found in Maine. You must order one, or a dozen.

Wicked Whoopies is a local company that makes these sinfully delicious snacks. They are addictive. Just ask my hips, thighs and stomach. Do yourself a favor and order you some for Thanksgiving or Christmas or for your little secret sweets stash that you hide from the kids. You probably won't want to share. Not that I have ever done that.....

Now go to see Debra and check out all the other Favorites!


DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Fran, Thanks for joining in. I will be trying the shower cleaner. I'm always trying different things to get the shower clean so Thanks again. Those whoppies look so good!
Take care, DebraK

Stacey said...

I will definitely try the shower trick you told about. Goodness knows I need help there. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the maddest i have ever seen you is when I once asked if i could have half of your woopie pie.

Jackson House Rules:
(1) Don't wake your Daddy.
(2) Don't eat your Daddy's ice cream.
(3) Don't ask Momma for a bite of her woopie pie.

love you, Ju.

Anonymous said...

wah, muh, huh?

::in a wicked whoopie trance::

Must have wicked whoopie pie...LOL!

Michelle said...

Hi Fran!

Oh man where do I get those Whoopie Pies!! I wonder if we have them in Oregon.