Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friends at the Fair

Hey Yall! Yeah, I know. Go ahead.....I know what is going through your this Julianne's boyfriend we haven't told you about? hahahahaha....she will kill me over that one! No. I bet you are wondering why in the world would we take pictures of the rear ends of the animals. If you even have to wonder that then you really don't even know my family, cause that's the way we roll! hahahahaha And because that is the way they are tied up in the stalls at the fair. But seriously, we would rather have a butt shot than a head shot!

Dick and Julianne went to the Fryeburg Fair while I was down south. We had such a great time last year! Mom and Dad were here and they seemed to love it too. Lots to look at and fabulous food to eat. Last year we had to best thing I have ever tasted......Deep Fried Whoopie Pies! Oh My Gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that most of you readers from the south do not know what a whoopie pie is and all I can say is it is one of the only things up here (besides lobster rolls) that the north has on the south. They are like 2 large chocolate cake cookies with sinfully sugary (my favorite) icing between them. At the fair, they chill them, dip them in a light batter, deep fry them and put them in a bowl with ice cream and whipped cream on top. I'm telling is delish.

Our temp is in the 60's today. The leaves are such beautiful colors. It is so pretty to walk past a window and see all the colors. The wind is blowing today and leaves are falling. And you know what that means.....winter is just around the corner.

Dick is out in the garage messing around. He has had a bad cold this week. I am going to make him take a nap this afternoon. He doesn't like to do that so I seriously have to make him. I might even take one too.

Julianne is home today but is going to Sugarloaf Mountain with some friends for a couple of days. No, there is no snow for skiing. But they are having some type of festival up there. Sounds like fun.

Chris and Linley are in South Carolina enjoying the last days of their fall break. Hopefully they have had a good time.

Jamie and Lesley are studying all the time. Jamie calls me regularly. And it is not even for money like the other two! He just wants to talk to me! They are doing well. I sure would like to see Grace Darling, their puppy. She is so sweet!

I guess that is all I have now. I will talk to you later! Tootles!


Mack said...

Our county fair is going on this week too. I bet yours is a lot better than ours!

PS: I wish someone would make me take a nap!

noble pig said...

Sounds like everyone is doing well.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope one of y'all ate one of those fried whoopie pies for me and grandaddy. I still remember our searching for hours until we finally found the right booth. And then we all enjoyed the fruits of our search. Sure wish we could have been there for this year's festival.
Love all of you.
Mom and Dad