Sunday, March 4, 2007


First, let me say that a wonderful time was had by all! The theme was FIESTA! I have never seen so many Mexican decorations. Virginia had told me she had lots of decorations for a Mexican party and she wasn't kidding! I am impressed. The food was delish. Unfortunately, I was unable to eat more than a few bites because I was talking too much. The beverages available were Margarita's and Corona's. And water, of course. The Margarita's were yum yum! It seemed like a reunion of friends because some of them we had not seen in a long time. It was great.

I want to say a big thank you to my wonderful friends Elaine, Virginia, Beth, Barbara and Katharine. I appreciate all your hard work and will never forget your generosity. I know this is a memory that Jamie and Lesley will cherish. Thanks so much.

Of course, after the party, the "children" were not ready to stop partying. So they went out again! But thankfully they were not out long. We were in bed by 1. The next morning, Mom and Dad left around 6. We had breakfast around 9:30 and after cleaning up, it was time to start lunch. Does this sound like a pattern? At 1, the Dumm's, the Benson's, Virginia, Carrie, Sean and the entire Jackson group had lunch. We had gotten BBQ and Barbara brought a fabulous double chocolate cake. We were stuffed.

Chris, Linley, Julianne and Nathan left shortly after lunch. Then Sean left taking Carrie and Lesley with him. Lesley went to spend the week in Charleston with Carrie and her sorority friends. We left about 4 to take Jamie to the airport. When we got there we found out that if he left Sunday night, he would be stranded in Atlanta because of the snow in Cincinnati. So instead, they booked him on a direct flight to Cincinnati the next morning. Back to the beach house we went and we all were in bed pretty early. Dick took him to the airport early for his 6:00 flight. We were checked out of the beach house by 9 heading for St. Marys.

We had a good visit with Gran Gran. She has a new cell phone now. She had to learn alot before we left! I know she is probably text messaging by now! Actually, all we learned how to do was make a call and check voice mails...........more than that would be TMI.

Thursday night, Tommy and Doris brought my precious niece and nephew, Thomas and Hannah for pizza and quick visit. They are as adorable as ever and it made me wish we lived nearer to them.

So that brings you to my previous email about getting up and leaving for Raleigh at 5. I am getting a little sleepy now as I type.......maybe......I......will........take........a.......nap.

I am posting some pictures from the Fiesta. Hope you enjoy them!

And now for the best news yet........Jamie has a job! We will start next week and will continue to work some at Macaroni Grill. I will give you more specific information later, cause I don't remember any of it except it has pretty good benefits and it takes a load off my mind......and his I am sure!

It's great to be back blogging! Tootles!

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