Thursday, March 15, 2007

Winter Storm Watch

A winter storm watch is in effect for our little part of the world. Can you believe it? Just when the other snow had started to melt, we are getting more. The forecast sounded like at least 2 feet. Weezie was getting excited being able to see more grass to poop on.....

I have put links to some of my favorite blogs over on the right side of my blog. Check them out! They are all a little different and I thoroughly enjoy them all. I am adding a new one......Second Effort. I think you will enjoy him. When you have time, go to his archives and start at the beginning. It doesn't take long to read to the present. I am just trying to share the joy with my friends!

Chris and Linley got back to Raleigh from Louisiana on Sunday night. Early Monday morning, Linley woke up with a horrible stomach virus. It lasted about 24 hours. Yesterday, Chris got it. It must have been a bad one. I am so thankful Linley was there to help him. Thank you Linley! I am glad they are both feeling better. Even more thankful you can't catch it through a cell phone or through the computer!

I exercised today....not for long, but I did exercise. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to go even longer.

I have been busy getting my list of addresses ready for the wedding invitations. Thank you to everyone who sent me their full names. You know we got to be proper with this! I can hardly believe it is only 4 months away.

I had hoped we would be able to get out of town this weekend so Dick could get a little change of scenery. But it looks like the weather is not going to cooperate. This has been a long week for him. I would say it has been a long week for me, but you all know that I am spoiled rotten and have nothing to complain about. Really, I don't.

I will talk with you tomorrow.....Tootles!

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sognatrice said...

So how's the weather today? My mom told me that yesterday in PA they were expecting from 10-14 inches...crazy! I'm off to check out the recommended blog now--thanks for the tip :)