Monday, March 5, 2007

Monday, Monday

Julianne and I have had a lazy day today. The only thing we did productive was to go grocery shopping at Walmart. I love shopping at Shaws, but somehow I feel like I've spent a lot more money there. But they do have such a good selection of everything....but again it is more expensive. Oh the decisions I have to make.....

Dick had a dinner meeting tonight, so Jules and I had scrambled eggs, grits (Yum Yum) and toast. When he got home, he had a movie he had to watch for work. Yeah right! No really, he does this from time to time. It happened to be a war movie and I can't watch those so I am upstairs in my bed with the electric blanket on high typing away! It is supposed to get down to -4 degrees tonight with winds up to 40 mph. I told you we have wicked winds up here! The windows sound like they are going to break with every gust. I used to worry about the two dead trees in the front yard being blown into the house and of course hitting me in my bed since I am the closest to the windows. Chain saw man took care of that concern for me. Now I am afraid the glass from the window breaking is going to get me. I guess tonight I will sleep with my head under the covers. Hopefully Dick didn't eat anything spicy at dinner!

So tomorrow I will be building a fire in the woodstove and dressing warm. The wind chill factor is supposed to be -25 degrees. Julianne and I plan to have a "Reba" marathon. And maybe even a nap. Or two. Come on over!

I absolutely love the picture I posted of the "Card Mafia". I almost didn't post because I loved seeing their faces when I pulled up my blog. I guess I should clarify that the people in this picture are the "Georgetown Mafia". Sumter has their own "Mafia" and get together with the "Georgetown Mafia" from time to time. They are a little more serious and "cut-throat" than we are, but we love them anyway.

Chris and Linley will be traveling to Louisiana this weekend to attend a wedding of a high school and college friend. He wants to show Linley around Monroe and Bastrop and Ruston and introduce her to some of his friends. They are both very excited about their trip. I know they will have a good time.

I guess that is about all I have for to you later.....Tootles!

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pawleywog2 said...

How was the marathon...hope I didn't interupt it!
Tell me, did Dick eat anything spicy for supper last night?