Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Southern Accents......That Sounds Like a Good Magazine Title!

I still have a big one.....of course I am talking about my HEADACHE and not any other part of my body this too would describe. I am hoping it is caused by the weather and not a sinus infection. We are about to get some rain and then some snow. I tried the magic potion this afternoon after getting desperate.....Goody powder and Coca Cola. Now most of the time, this is magic. However, it helped but did not take it away. I am going to try it again before I go to bed. I hate these headaches.

We went to a going away drop in tonight. It was nice and I got to meet some more people from the mill. Too bad none of them live near us. Oh well.......maybe when it thaws out I will meet more people.

I talked to the couple whose house burned yesterday. It was all I could do not to start blubbering right there. My eyes kept watering up and my voice cracking. Dick's company is letting them lease the house we lived in for a time that is here in the neighborhood. They already have a builder who is ready to start rebuilding as soon as the insurance gets settled. I am glad they are able to use the red house. This neighborhood has just come together for them. People were moving furniture in there tonight for them as we were coming home from the party. I will go down tomorrow to see what I can contribute.

Someone asked in the comments who Josh was.......he is our nephew, son of Dick's sister Debbie and her husband Steve.

Today while I was in Walmart, I was checking out and the man behind me started talking to me and the check out lady about my accent. He went on and on and on and was imitating me. I finally turned to him and told him that people down south thought that northerners had funny sounding accents. He replied with a southern accent that no, southerners had funny accents. I told him I would try to imitate him but I would probably hurt his feeling and I tried my best not to do anything that would hurt someones feelings. And to that he said absolutely nothing.

Well, this old southern girl (and proud of it!!!!!) is going to medicate and go to bed. I hope my frown turns upside down in my feelings picture tomorrow! I will talk to you tomorrow.........Tootles!

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