Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Let The Starving Begin!!!!

Well boys and girls, the diet has begun. I started this morning........even had a small workout this afternoon. I have decided that I will do several different workouts on the eliptical a day. I just cannot go for very long at a time. Hopefully, I will be able to raise my time. That is a little discouraging not to mention painful. I can report that the diet was not painful today. No bad mood to report, yet.

I am feeling a little lonely today. Even though I have enjoyed the peace and quiet...it is lonely. Tomorrow is the first day of classes at NC State......Good Luck Chris and Julianne..........I will be thinking of you! Jamie is eagerly looking for a job....Keep at it Jamie, you will find the right one! Linley, thanks for all your comments on the blog! You brighten my day...I can always count on you. Good Luck tomorrow too! Nathan......Good Luck at that "other school"!!!!! Lesley, keep up the good work! You will be a great doctor.

I think tonight is my message blog! Here's more: Mom and Dad....I love yall...come back up for a visit! Tommy & Doris....sorry we missed seeing yall at Christmas...give those babies a hug and kiss from their Aunt Fran.....Gran Gran & Debbie....wish I could help yall with the moving...been there, done that.....Vickie & Delma....I wish we were there!

And last but not least.....Elaine and John John....Virginia & Henry....Come back to Maine. I know you are all ready for another ride in the "Van". I will tell Dick to start warming it up!!! Nona...call me girl...I miss you......Jeanne.....you brighten my day with your emails...I miss you!!! I think that may be all that I sent my blog info to....Anyway...I miss you ALL!

I am posting a picture of Weezie. She is asleep on her bed snoring and growling at something in a dream. That is funny because she hardly ever growls. Dick is teaching her to growl at Golfers. Of course we don't have any golfers out there right now, but she had picked up on it really well when they were out. She occasionally mistakes a falling leaf for a golfer......

Gotta go my friends and Family....I love you all! Tootles!

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Anonymous said...

Hi honey. I sure am enjoying reading about your life in Maine. Daddy and I miss you too. I emailed you a new exercise routine for you to do in case you get tired of the new equipment. Love you so much.