Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another Day in Paradise

My day started early. (I can see Dick rolling his eyes.) I had an 8:00 dental appointment. Last Wednesday night, a molar of mine began Morse code. Morse code you ask. Yes, in the form of little shocks at first, then throbbing. So I called the dentist and of course they could not see me until today. I took some Tylenol Thursday morning and around 4 that afternoon, it stopped as fast as it started. Thankfully I did not have to go through the weekend in pain. Looks like a root canal is in my future. The molar is cracked in 4 places. I am really looking forward to it. HA!

Dick's secretary really made out today. I took her chili and vegetable beef soup for her freezer and chicken pot pie, salad and cheese bread for their dinner. Tracy carried three different frozen dinners, cookies and a pie. We had a nice visit with her and promised to return and get her out of the house in a couple of weeks. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy about 10 days ago. She has an amazing attitude about it all. She will start chemo next month. And her prognosis is good. Thank goodness.

Everything is still very white. It is really beautiful. I wish everyone could be here to see it. Until tomorrow......Tootles!

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