Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another Thursday Night

I thought everyone should have another look at my personal physician. Go ahead and take a second one......

This morning as I was enjoying my second cup of coffee while watching the "Today Show" and checking my email, I hear it. The sound of a chain saw. But I was not supposed to hear that sound until Friday morning. So I jumped up, ran to the front of the house, peeked around the curtain and sure enough, the chain saw man was here. Now keep in mind that I have on my sexy flannel pajamas. So I run upstairs, jump in the shower and put on my clothes. I dry my hair because it will FREEZE when I go outside to see the chain saw man. You see, it was 6 degrees outside. And curly hair don't do good FROZEN! I finished getting ready at record speed and went out to talk to him. Our weather forecast is for strong winds and very low temp's on Friday, so he decided to cut 'em today. I talked to the chain saw man for a while and he is a very nice man. Most of the people that I have met up here are very nice people. Unfortunately, they usually cannot understand me.

I left chain saw man to finish the yard while I went to Augusta. Tracey went with me. We did go to TJ Maxx....and Bed Bath & Beyond.....and the Christmas Shoppe.....and Kohls......and Olive Garden.....and Barnes & Noble.....and Sams. Whew! I am exhausted!

I was informed by someone Anonymously that yesterdays blog entry was pitiful. I hope I did better today. I aim to please.

On a serious note, the brother of my friend Jeannie (Love ya Jeannie!) is having by-pass surgery tomorrow. He had a heart attack on Wednesday. I know everyone who I gave my blog website to prays and knows the power of prayer. Please pray for Jeannie and her brother Wayne and their family. We all need to help each other out. Thank you.

To all you Greys fans.......OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Callie had better not break George's heart. I mean it. Now honestly, I could not care less if Christina breaks Burke's heart. But better not! is sexy flannel pj time.....Tootles!


Anonymous said...

How did you know all about Greys at 9:23 when you wrote this????
BYT this was a MUCH better blog today......just keep it up!!!!

Fran said...

BECAUSE I AM PSYCHIC!!!!! No, 9:23 is the time that I started writing the blog....don't know why that is the time recorded. And thank you for the compliment on the quality of the blog....I aims to please!