Tuesday, January 30, 2007

CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a great day! It has been a wonderful day! It has been a fabulous day! Chris called me today to tell me that he received his acceptance into NC State! It has been a long time coming.........from no fault of his own. Chris we have told you before....we are very proud of you!

I needed to go to Portland today, but I woke up feeling like I should hang around the house. It looked like we were breeding dust bunnies around here. Of course I came downstairs with one mission.....my first cup of coffee. I got my clean mug out of the dishwasher, opened two splenda packets, put it in the mug and poured in the coffee. Barely being able to walk, I shuffled over to the recliner to read my email and news..............UGH.............the coffee was barely warm. I had too get back up, shuffle to the microwave, then went to turn the coffee maker back on to warm up the coffee. Well, it was on....and turned up high. My coffee maker had gone to Jesus. It is always a sad day for us when this happens as Dick and I are extremely addicted to coffee. Unfortunately, there is a very short mourning period as we have to go and replace it immediately! So tonight, I went to the Walmart to make that all important decision as to what coffee maker to purchase. It's hard! We are spoiled and the model we get has to be programmable. It has to be waiting on me when I come down the stairs. So finally, I settled on another Mr. Coffee, with a little stainless steel on it to match the other appliances. Oh joy....I am not a fan of stainless steel. Give me some good white appliances any day.

While at the Walmart, I had to pick up some birthday cards. Is it just me or have the card companies run out of funny cute cards? I read some of the stupidest cards ever. This was the third store I had gone to looking for a card for my daddy's birthday. (You didn't read that Daddy!) Anyway, all I can say is the thought is better than the card!

Before going to "town", I vacuumed the bunnies and dusted. It had been a while since I had done this and the house really needed it. Thankfully this house is nowhere near as dusty as our house in North Carolina. I think Weezie was expecting company to walk through the door..........

I just made Dick's flight reservation for the trip to Georgetown. He is flying down for Jamie and Lesley's party and then driving home with me. Lately whenever we go for a trip and he is driving, it is like a sleeping pill for me. I cannot stay awake. And I don't expect this trip to be any different.

I talked to Lesley today and she is busy busy working on wedding stuff. I have some things that I have to get on tomorrow. I can't wait for July!

That about does it for my news............talk to you tomorrow......Tootles!


Anonymous said...

Tell Chris that GaGa and Grandaddy are so proud too. I know he has worked hard to achieve this.

I am also pleased that my children have such a good time with each other. I know that "Fred" was so pleased with his tie-dyed hints for your bedroom, and I know that you have some excellent suggestions for him too.

My family just makes me smile.

P.S. There are dust bunnies in St. Marys that need policing. You want the job??

I love you, MOM

PI Elaine said...

Good job Chris! I am SO happy for you. You have stuck with it and worked hard and now it is all going to pay off!