Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday Blahs

I warned you. I knew it was gonna happen. It was inevitable. I am in a bad, sad mood. I just want to go upstairs and turn on the electic blanket and crawl right in. Pull the covers up. Adios. But I won't cause I will feel just that much worse.

Dick and I went to Augusta today. We had lunch at a BBQ place there. It was pretty good. Of course, the first thing we hear when we get there is "You're not from around here are you?" Do you think it was Dick's voice.....OR MINE? Then we went to Barnes & Noble. Dick had a book he needed for work. I just looked around. We got Jamie a couple of books about job hunting. Anybody out there know anybody in Lexington that can get my sweet boy a job? I found some Christmas cards like the ones we send out that were marked down 75%. So we got those too. I went into Michaels next door and Dick went to the car. Dick had been very sweet and dropped me off at the door at Barnes and Noble when we got there. So when I left Michaels, I could not find the car. My cell phone was in the car with Dick. So I couldn't call him. It was 26 degrees with winds up to 50 mph. I felt like the skin on my face was almost frozen. I have never felt anything like it before. Finally I found him sitting in the car.

As I said before, the wind is blowing! Right now, it is 10 degrees with a wind chill of 6 below zero. The wind is blowing the snow into drifts and it is covering the road to our house. The plows came down earlier. If Weezie didn't want a treat so bad, I don't think she would go out at all.

I am gonna go so I can be sad by myself.....I will be better later....Tootles


LSJ said...

cheer up mrs. fran!!!! come visit all of us here in NC!!

Yvonne said...

Awww....I hate it when people are sad. Curling up in the electric blanket does sound nice, though....especially if it's that cold! Hope you feel better soon!

Yvonne said...

Man.....are you still cranky and sad??

Anonymous said...

Frannie, where are you? No news Sunday??????? I am SOOOOOO disappointed!

LinleyShea said...

please stop being sad... writing a new blog will make you happy again, i promise!!